Yes, hypnotherapy is very effective in helping people lose weight and quit smoking—but it is also a valuable tool in treating almost any issue a client will bring in to your office.

Hypnotherapy is applicable to the entire human experience. Clients will come to you wanting help, wanting answers, and hypnotherapy could be the key to their success in treatment.

Are you curious to know more? Check out the following list, and follow the links to our previous blogs at The Wellness Institute.

  1. Hypnotherapy can treat anxiety and PTSD. Not only can clients reduce the severity of their symptoms, but they can reclaim parts of themselves that may have been lost in the struggle to overcome their anxiety, or in episodes of prior trauma.  
  1. Hypnotherapy can treat depression. Hypnotherapy can reduce the severity of depressive symptoms, as well as treat its underlying (and often long-term) issues and/or causes.
  1. Hypnotherapy can reduce stress. Using techniques learned in a hypnotherapy session, clients discover they have the ability to control their stress responses in a variety of situations.
  1. Hypnotherapy can treat migraines. It’s not only for emotional or mental issues; hypnotherapy has been shown to greatly reduce the intensity and duration of migraine headaches.
  1. Hypnotherapy can improve and enhance performance. Many high-profile athletes, executives, and performers have publicly acknowledged that hypnotherapy has contributed greatly to their success.
  1. Hypnotherapy helps clients heal from grief. Following a devastating loss, hypnotherapy can aid clients in navigating the complex emotions that arise.
  1. Hypnotherapy can treat trauma and dissociation. Hypnotherapy takes clients on a journey to the source(s) of trauma and dissociation, and allows the client to heal through corrective experience.
  1. Hypnotherapy can help patients with cancer. Many hospitals now offer hypnotherapy as part of an integrative care model, one that addresses the mind, body, and spirit of each patient.
  1. Hypnotherapy can improve relationships. What causes your clients to respond and react to their partners in the way they do? Hypnotherapy can help uncover their unconscious motivators, change negative beliefs and patterns, and improve intimacy and communication.
  1. Hypnotherapy can treat addiction. Getting to the root of the client’s addiction can happen in hypnotherapy. This empowers the client to address underlying emotional issues to the addiction, and reducing cravings and unhealthy behaviors.

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