The advent of mindfulness practices, as well as clinical styles such as embodiment therapy, bring attention to the important communication we all need to foster with our bodies. An article recently posted by Psyche speaks to the need to improve the mind-body connection. Too often, clients (and we!) act as though our bodies are separate from us. We push past the headaches, neck pain, and leg cramps that are telling us that we need to do something to tend to our corporeal well being. 
The result, all too often, is a set of physical problems that only seem to get worse. Then, people can become so overwhelmed by their physical discomfort, it become difficult to function in their daily lives. 

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® Instantly Opens Up Mind-Body Communication 

Hypnotherapy training at The Wellness Institute puts a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection. From the Introduction to Hypnosis course and the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program to the Advanced Internship and beyond, the techniques our students learn bring the client’s attention to the messages the body is sending on a constant basis. 
This is, of course, immensely helpful when working with clients who suffer from discomfort and chronic disease. It is also an aid for others with emotional issues. Once they are able to tune into their bodies and receive the messages that are being sent, clients who are detached from their feelings can use the body to identify and express emotions. 
How does this occur? In Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®, the client is placed in a light trance. This allows the active, conscious part of the mind to rest so that messages from the subconscious sector of the mind can arise. The therapist will use physical sensations to get the client in touch with the underlying emotions. 
Using techniques borrowed from Gestalt therapy, the therapist encourages the client to give the part of the body “a voice,” and find out what it is trying to tell the client. For example, gastric issues could be a signal that there is repressed anger waiting to be released, or a mild pain in the chest might indicate a hurt or sad feeling that the client needs to process. 
In hypnotherapy, the client goes through the process of age regression, to connect with past experiences that brought on the same sensations. When the situation is described, the client is invited to engage in the corrective experience of expressing the emotions that might have been held back at the time of the event. 
Then, the client is invited to perceive what faulty beliefs and behaviors that old experience might have created as a result of suppressing the emotions. Often, a second regression to an additional time in the client’s life is offered so that the client can see the patterns. 
After that, the client is taken through the process of connecting with the inner child, which is often in need of reassurance and love that wasn’t available from the adults who were involved in those past circumstances. The client can also get in touch with the discomfort or disease in the body, in order to acknowledge the message the body delivered, and to thank the body for that.  
Some deep work that establishes better connections between the mind and body involves the client’s image of an Inner Healer, who is there to remind the client to stay in touch and in tune with the body. Other suggestions might be offered to help the client manage pain or correct a condition with better attitudes and habits regarding the care of the body. 

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If this sounds powerful, and even magical, to you, then you will want to join the thousands of mental health professionals who have been trained and certified as hypnotherapists by The Wellness Institute. You can become certified as a hypnotherapist in a very short period of time. 
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Once your Six Day training is complete, you will conduct your practice sessions, complete a short take-home exam, and submit your materials for certification. This training is comprehensive and the experience of participating in it is highly transformative.  
Wellness also offers the Introduction to Hypnosis course, which will teach you the basics of hypnosis in just two days! You’ll be able to take clients in and out of trance and offer post-hypnotic suggestions that bring them into better touch with their bodies and help them to improve their lives. 
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