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The Ultimate Guide to Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques

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Introduction to the Course

The Mentor’s Program is the Fourth Level in our continuing series of personal and professional building blocks, where group members experience continued personal growth and healing, focusing on the shock/trauma continuum, shadow work, Jungian depth psychology, and group dynamics. We also continue developing clinical skills including intuition, energy management, facilitation of altered states of consciousness, inclusion of spiritual and soul levels, and exploration of transpersonal realms such as conception, the womb, dreams, archetypal energies, death, past lives, and the inner-life. 

Potential Advancement:

Assist an Internship

  • Assist Six-Day Trainings
  • Lead Supervision groups
  • Teach Six-Day Trainings
  • Teach Internships

Structure of the Mentorship Course:

Mentorship meets three times over a one-year period, for four days (from Thursday dinner through Monday lunch), in a retreat setting. Enrollment is for a four-year course of study – the commitment is one year at a time, and the group is closed to the cohort of students that begin together at year one. An advanced Mentors program is available for those wishing to continue beyond the four years.

  • The Wellness Institute is solely responsible for all aspects of this program.