Advanced Internship

Advanced Internship in Hypnotherapy

Introduction to the Course

The Advanced Internship program will build upon the skills learned in the Six Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training. The Advanced Internship is a two-year program, offered in an online, interactive format (participants will meet 8 times over the 2-year period). This training incorporates five clinical modalities to support clinicians in developing group process skills and expanding their expertise to include a wide variety of emotional disorders, addictions, personality disorders, dissociation, and relationship issues. hypnotherapy, breathwork, and psychodramas.

The Internship Year One is advanced training in clinical psychotherapeutic skills, in which clinical skills are improved through becoming more proficient in the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy model, and more expert in treating a variety of emotional disorders including addictions, birth and family of origin issues, codependency, blocked emotions, anxiety, grief and loss, dissociation, and attachment disorders. Skill-based training also includes the Clearing Process, eliminating projection and countertransference with clients; Heart-Centered Breathwork for healing birth issues, releasing energy blocks, gaining personal clarity; learning to facilitate clients' inclusion of their own spiritual path in the clinical healing process; learning the Master Mind process to manifest goals and share networking and brainstorming ideas; identifying and breaking addiction and victim cycles; and clarifying integrity, accountability and commitment issues to increase prosperity in clients' lives. Year One workshops are: (1) Codependency and the Victim Triangle; (2) Healing Addictions; (3) Sexual Abuse: Shock vs. Trauma; and (4) the Mind/Body Connection.

The Internship Year Two consists of a second year of advanced training in clinical psychotherapeutic skills, in which clinical skills are improved through becoming more proficient in the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy model, the Clearing Process, and Heart-Centered Breathwork. Skill-based training also includes learning Energetic Psychodrama, a technique which integrates trance work, group work and subtle energy work; becoming skilled at treating disease, through learning mind/ body/ spirit healing; learning highly effective ways to treat trauma, shock, and sexual abuse; understanding the chakras and subtle energy work; working with relationships including hypnotherapy with couples, eliminating manipulation, and asking for what you want; and learning group skills which can be used to facilitate groups in clinical settings including the Personal Transformation Intensive course. Year Two workshops are: (1) Eating Disorders; (2) People Addictions: Sex, Romance, or Love Addiction; (3) Relationships; and (4) Healthy Completions.

Here are the highlights:

  • Attend 3 days every other month for a total of 8 weekends over 16-20 months, becoming a valued member of a highly supportive Network of high-energy professionals. Training is currently online only.

  • Develop group process skills to use in facilitating groupwork, and learn and incorporate more advanced hypnotherapy techniques.

  • Experience and learn Heart-Centered Breath Therapy, which is highly effective in healing "birth issues", releasing energy blocks, gaining personal clarity, and deepening the spiritual connection.

  • Expand your areas of expertise to include a wide variety of emotional disorders, especially addictions, personality disorders, dissociation and relationship issues.

  • Learn Energetic Psychodrama, a powerful technique which integrates trance work, group work and energy work. This exciting technique will stimulate you to be more effective with groups in all areas of your life.

  • Achieve a high level of personal clarity and be able to manifest your goals. Discover your "life's work" and how it can become your spiritual path.

Continuing Education offered:

For a full list of Continuing Education offered go to our In-class Continuing Education web page.

The Wellness Institute, provider number 1581, is approved to offer social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Organizations, not individual courses, are approved as ACE providers. State and provincial regulatory boards have the final authority to determine whether an individual course may be accepted for continuing education credit. The Wellness Institute maintains responsibility for this course. ACE provider approval period: 5/30/22-5/30/25. Social workers completing this course receive 192 clinical continuing education credits.

This program is approved by the CSWMFT Board approval number MCST11190682 for 30 ceu's.

FL Board of Psychology Professionals: Approval number: #20-795419

FL Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counseling Professionals. Approval #: #20-795419


"I am so grateful"

It was AMAZING and PROFOUND and HEALING!!! I am so in love with and grateful to my teachers, assistants and my beautiful group for their wisdom, love and support; and for the process itself! I was NOT gonna do this, no way, no how, no matter what anyone said. But then, at the last minute, my heart had other ideas.  And I'm so grateful I listened. Much love to all at Wellness.

Cathy M.  

"Humbled and honored by all of the knowledge, experience and confidence I have gained from my teachers"

I began the two year Internship Program in October of 2007 and last week I completed the program, becoming an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. This is an achievement that I am both proud to have accomplished and at the same time, humbled and honored by all of the knowledge, experience and confidence I have gained from my teachers. Diane and David, you are both such gifted mentors, but more importantly for me, the comfort level you model in the Heart Centered Hypnotherapy process has allowed me to not only trust the process, but also myself, my intuition and my clinical skills. This, I believe, is a gift that I could not have received anywhere else, or through any other type of training. So for that I am eternally grateful! I look forward to the next step in my journey, the path continues - Thank You!

June B.

"An absolutely amazing and unexpected experience"

I wanted to let you all know that I decided to do the 2 year Hypnotherapy internship and It was an absolutely amazing and unexpected experience. I met 14 other people who had completed the 6 day Hypnotherapy workshop and were interested in getting more of the whole experience. They were all lovely, motivated and interesting people who I consider friends now and hope to know for the rest of my life. The unexpected part is the spiritual path that we embarked upon. I thought I was going to learn more about hypnotherapy issues, which I did, but there was also so much more to it! Personal growth, spiritual enlightenment and fellowship are just the few that come to mind. In brief, it was an amazing experience! I'm so glad I decided to do it.

Jeanne H.