Mentorship Program

Introduction to the Course

The Mentorship Program is the fourth level of training offered by The Wellness Institute, offered in an online, interactive format. Enrollment in the Mentorship Program is a four-year course of study. Participants commit one year at a time and the group is closed to the cohort of students that began together in year one. The Mentorship Program meets during three weekends (Friday morning through Sunday evening) over a one-year period. The Mentorship program provides clinicians with in-depth training on the shock/trauma continuum, shadow work, Jungian depth psychology, and group dynamics. This training will also develop clinical skills including intuition, energy management, facilitation of altered states of consciousness, inclusion of spiritual and soul levels, and exploration of transpersonal realms such as conception, the womb, dreams, archetypal energies, death, past lives, and the inter-life.

Course Guides:

Potential Advancement:

  • Assist an Internship

  • Assist Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Trainings

  • Lead Supervision groups

  • Teach Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Trainings

  • Teach Internships

In joining the Mentors Training, students are introduced to Jungian Depth Psychology in a unique way that will allow you to learn all of the following, and more.

Areas of clinical training for the first four years are:

  • Conception Shadow Discovery

  • Anima, Animus, Kundalini

  • Tarot – Archetypal Symbology

  • Jungian Type & Inferior Function

  • Dream Journeying

  • Active Imagination

  • The Psychoid Realm

  • Autonomous Complexes

  • Mana Initiation Process (Inner Visionary)

  • Autonomous Complex, Autonomous Psyche

  • Authority Complex (Spiritual Advisor)

  • Immature Authority and Self-deception

We immerse in developing skills relevant to Transpersonal and Jungian Psychology:

  • Symbol and metaphor in work in the body’s subtle energy field

  • Archetypal significance of birth and prenatal experience

  • Soul work in the Individuation process

  • Past life and karmic influences

  • Jungian archetypal work with autonomous complexes, anima, animus, and Mana personality

  • Jungian dream work, waking dreams, and active imagination

  • Physical/Spiritual healing through accessing archetypal resources

Advanced skills in other Heart-Centered modalities are taught such as:

  • Active imagination

  • Shamanic journeying

  • Dream psychodramas

  • Awakening the Kundalini


"The Mentors Program is an enlightening and fascinating journey"

As a psychiatry resident, I was fascinated by Jung's journey into human psychology and I had a longing to go to Switzerland and train at the jungian Institute. I have been so very very blessed in the middle years of my life to be drawn instead to the Wellness Institute where the Mentors Program has become an enlightening and fascinating adventure into the depths of my own psychology creating collegial relationships that are unsurpassed and providing a level of personal supervision and accountability that I deeply value.

Dr. Dale M.