If only I had a dollar for every time someone joked about me making them cluck like a chicken. When you tell people you’re a hypnotherapist, it’s common to hear uninformed comments like these. People fear hypnotherapy will make them lose control. The truth is, hypnosis does not override free will. In a hypnotherapy session, clients are conscious; they are awake, participating, and remembering.Yes, hypnosis is known for using the “power of suggestion,” but our subconscious minds are susceptible to suggestion at all times. Advertising, music, movies, and books routinely plant suggestions into our subconscious. Language and communication are saturated with suggestion. So the bigger question might be, when do we actually have control? Perhaps a different paradigm might be useful. Should anyone ask you if they will “lose control” in a session, you can tell them no. Instead, what they might lose is the following: 1. Fear Who wants to be afraid of everything all the time? It is easy to downplay how much fear controls our lives and our decisions, but honestly, it is central to our collective control issues. Imagine feeling more at peace with yourself, having increased insight about your problems, and losing the fear that is ultimately holding you back and stunting your growth. 2. Stress One of the biggest complaints in our culture is being overwhelmed or “too stressed out.” Hypnotherapy helps clients address the underlying emotional issues that may be causing workaholism, poor self-care, over-commitment, and unhealthy habits and coping skills. It also provides tools for managing stress and releasing negative energy from the physical body. For more on the benefits of hypnotherapy in treating stress, read here. 3. Pain People come to therapists wanting help with their emotional and psychological pain. They are full of questions: Why do I feel this way? Why can’t I stop doing this unhealthy behavior? When will I ever get over this anxiety, depression, or grief? Hypnotherapy provides answers and a solution. More specifically, it is a gateway to a client’s subconscious mind, where they are able to access the answers and solutions themselves. (And as an extra bonus, hypnotherapy also helps clients manage their chronic pain, as described in this post). The combination of healing, insight, and empowerment is what makes Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy a uniquely effective modality. When your clients become curious and start asking questions about hypnosis, perhaps the best response is: What do you have to lose?