Telehealth has become a way of life for many therapists and other mental health practitioners. Clients enjoy the convenience of getting therapy from the comforts of home, office, or even their vehicles. Therapists, likewise, benefit from the flexibility and additional opportunities telehealth affords them.

Therapists and clients have become extremely comfortable working online. Advanced technology that allows people to see and hear one another enables therapists and clients to experience the same feeling as being in person, without many of the inconveniences. Both parties can work from various locations, rather than being tied to a single office. Neither has to invest time or money in travel to make the sessions work. 

Therapy via telehealth, which to many seemed like a necessary evil during the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a preferred way of working together. Clients and therapists choose telehealth therapy over for a variety of reasons, and most agree that the results are the same, and in some cases, even better.

Hypnotherapy, while it is much different from talk therapy, also works exceptionally well with telehealth. The benefits of online hypnotherapy might be surprising, but they are undeniable. 

Experts agree that the efficacy of online hypnotherapy depends upon the therapist’s skill and the quality of the therapeutic relationship.

High-quality teleconferencing software enables therapists and clients to connect and develop intimate and supportive relationships in talk therapy, and this technology also enables hypnotherapists to conduct sessions that create opportunities for deep, transformative work and healing.


Learn and get certified in hypnotherapy online

Always on the cutting edge, The Wellness Institute adapted its Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program, along with its Introduction Course and Advanced Trainings, to the online format about four years ago. As a result, a safe and thorough protocol for performing Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® online is already well-established and available for our students’ use.

We learn to take safety precautions, such as:

●     working on tablets, laptops, and desktop computers so there is a clear and complete image of the client

●     agreeing on a process for reconnecting and backup, in case the technology fails

●     getting contact information for a local support person for the client, should they need help

●     providing the client with a list of equipment that is needed to express emotions and treat potential psychological shock before the session takes place

●     testing to ensure that the client and therapist can see and hear one another clearly

●     conducting a post-session processing period, to ensure the client is fully integrated and functioning with normal waking consciousness

The Wellness Institute has a proven track record of conducting the Six Day Training and all our programs online. As a program participant, you will be taught how to conduct sessions online as well as in person. In-person teachers and assistants that guide you through your first practice sessions make our program extremely popular and effective for therapists, counselors, coaches, and health professionals.

You will experience hypnotherapy sessions in the roles of client and observer, as well as therapist, so that you will benefit from doing your own healing during your training. The Wellness Institute has been training students in the use of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® for decades, and has completely and successfully taken their programs online.

Enroll in a Wellness Institute Course and stay on the cutting edge

Start employing the power of hypnotherapy in your practice, and enjoy the flexibility of working in person or online. Hypnotherapy accelerates the progress of your clients, and will serve to help you expand your practice, and do what you have always wanted—to help more people.