There are literally hundreds of training programs for therapists who want to add hypnotherapy to their practices, and the costs and quality vary widely. You can find courses that are taught by solo practitioners over the internet (these are usually cheaper, but obviously less effective), you can find courses taught by private colleges (these are usually expensive), and everything in between. It is important to know what you’re looking for, and what you’ll get for your financial investment.

To give you an example of the variety you might find in your area, I did a comparison of several of the largest training facilities in the greater Seattle area. I looked at the number of days, number of total training hours, and the cost. I also noted if the training facility offered continuing education units (CEs) for professional therapists. For this, we stuck with programs from established institutions because that will generally ensure quality of education.

Here are the results:

Cascade Hypnosis Center- Bellingham, Wash.

Cascade Hypnosis Center promotes its program as the “absolute best in the State of Washington,” and it is approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists. In their 10-day, 100-hour “Super Course,” participants complete all requirements to become certified as ypnotherapists, either with a professional organization (like the National Guilde of Hypnotists) or with the State of Washington. The cost of the program is $2,595 for the 10-day training. This program does not offer continuing education credit.

Institute for Therapeutic Learning- Seattle, Wash.

The Institute for Therapeutic Learning was founded by hypnotherapist Jack Elias, who has also written a book on his method, titled “Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy/NLP. Jack’s trainings are offered in three formats: a six-weekend format, a Summer Intensive (17 days), and a distance learning/online format (all with 150 total training hours). The cost for the training is $2,400, and the institute can grant continuing education units “on a case-by-case basis.”

Bastyr University- Kenmore, Wash.

In Bastyr’s Hypnotherapy Certificate program, students spend 50 hours in the classroom over three weekends, and then complete the remaining 50 hours of instruction at home or online. The cost for the program is $2,295, and it does not offer continuing education units.

Bennet Stellar University- Seattle, Wash.

Bennett Stellar doesn’t have a “brick and mortar” campus. Instead, it hosts trainings in various cities around the country, including Seattle. They offer an 8 day NLP/Hypnotherapy training program as well as an add-on program (16 days total) that will get you certified in Coaching as well as Hypnotherapy. You could also elect to do their training online. The cost? $3,450 (marked down from $4,140). Continuing education units are only available for nursing and massage professionals.

How does The Wellness Institute compare?

The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training at The Wellness Institute is, as its name suggests, six days long. The training itself is 30 percent classroom instruction, and 70 percent hands-on practice and experiential learning. The cost of the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training is considerably more affordable than the other trainings listed, with a tuition fee of only $1,250. That means you will save over $1,000, in comparison to the other training programs I found.

Additionally, The Wellness Institute offers continuing education credits to all mental health professionals, so if you are a Licensed Social Worker or Counselor, there is a big return on your investment. The Six-Day training offers a whopping 60 hours of continuing education credit.

The bottom line

Chances are, the prices of hypnotherapy training programs in your area will be comparable to what I found in Seattle. If you are a therapist looking to expand your skill set and invest in a hypnotherapy training program, The Wellness Institute is by far the most economical choice. Click here to register for the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training today!