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Before we get started, a couple of quick questions:

Are you passionate about ‘growing’ people? Are you naturally motivated and optimistic? Is your focus on developing the future, not fixing the past? Do you desire to have a life and a business? Do you exude confidence, even when unsure?

If you found yourself answering yes to any of the above questions, you are in alignment with some of the successful characteristics of a Life Coach.

Life Coaching is a transformative and synergistic relationship between coach and client. In this relationship the role of the Life Coach becomes one of:

  • Helping the client to identify specific goals and desires.
  • Identifying the clients vision of their future.
  • Working in partnership with the client.
  • Holding the client responsible for the results and the Coach responsible for the process.
  • Offering personal disclosure as an aid to learning.

The ICF (International Coach Federation) defines coaching as, “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” As you allow this definition to settle in, how would this dynamic relationship change your life? How could partnering with a Life Coach expand your consciousness?

As you begin working with a Life Coach, you begin to grow consciousness by identifying a goal and navigating through the rich landscape of a powerful model:

  1. What is the situation you want to focus on?
  2. What is missing now? What are you tolerating?
  3. What would you do without fear?
  4. Knowing the options, what is your next step?

As you begin to work through this model, perhaps you notice your world expanding. As a Life Coach or as the Client, these powerful questions offer energetic momentum towards your goals. Perhaps these realizations bring you an increase in:

  • Realizing your goals
  • Decluttering your life
  • Nurturing your business ventures
  • Increasing financial abundance
  • Amplifying personal and professional balance
  • Increasing communication skills
  • Strengthening an optimal life
  • Discovering your ideal relationship/love/partner
  • Growing your curiosity for life
  • And so many more….

Life Coaching runs parallel to the sports coaching model:

Life Coaching has been repeatedly compared to the sports model of coaching. In essence Hartman and Zimberoff identify in their book, From Therapy to Life Mastery that achievement can more readily be attained by “refining existing skills and perspectives than on teaching new ones.” A Life Coach just like a sports coach zeroes in on “discipline, training and conditioning, and organizing effective practice.” A Life Coach just like a sports coach is interested in motivation, strategy, organization and character building.

The Wellness Institute Life Coaching Program:

The Transpersonal Life Coaching Training Program through the Wellness Institute may very well change your life. Whether you are in search of a Life Coach or interested in becoming a Life Coach, this program offers the fullest expression of educational pursuit in the arena of human growth and potential. In the field of transpersonal psychology, we are reminded by the work of Frager and Fadiman that, “Transpersonal psychology views a wide open horizon of potential advancement for all human beings, not just a few extraordinary exemplars.”

With that thought in mind, we invite you to lean into these life changing questions:

  • What is the experience you are trying to create?
  • Is what you are doing helping you to follow your joy?
  • How does this decision match up with who you know you are?
  • Who’s grateful for you?

We are grateful to connect with YOU in this way and welcome your questions about the Wellness Transpersonal Life Coaching Program.

A cornerstone of The Wellness Institute Coaching program can be summed up by teacher and mentor Michael Malone, “Our responsibility is to grow consciousness ya’ll.” If you secretly yearn to become a Life Coach, checkout this link and stay tuned to our blog posts as we discuss, How to Become a Life Coach. We look forward to connecting with you.

Here is a full listing of our certifiedTranspersonal Life Coaches