For as long as I can remember, this has been a quote that has followed me throughout my journeys in life.  I have continually felt called to be of service in some capacity of my life.  In my early 20’s my service was to be of assistance with several family businesses.  In my late 20’s I yearned for more and went back to grad school to become a Professional Counselor.  And now as I move through my 30’s I am creating more flexibility and compassion in my life through the practice of Yoga.  My 30’s have also ushered in the presence of the Wellness Institute and the amazing community within Wellness. I attended six day in April of 2015, and my life has been ever changed.  Transitioning into their Transpersonal Life Coaching program was a natural move.  I know that my Wellness Community will be with me for the rest of my journey on this Earth, as they have held a container for me to work through some of the most profound processes of life.  As a therapist I found myself desiring to be in relationship with individuals who were excited for change and re-alignment within their passions.  It became even clearer through the coursework that the title of ‘Coach’ was more suited for the flow of my life.  Throughout this process I have also been able to work with my coach and grow in ways that support the unfoldment of my life.  The focus in Life Coaching has expanded my awareness and shifted my thinking into greater realms.  Each class sparks new insights and greater connection.  The Transpersonal Coaching program has helped me to redefine such themes as focus, relationship, and responsibility as I work with clients.  Instead of asking “Why,” I now ask, “How”- “How would you like it to be?”  Instead of being viewed as the ‘expert,’ I am in invested in a partnership of equals.  Instead of being responsible for the entire process, directions and outcomes, I am now responsible for the process and the client is responsible for their results.  I find this model to be very empowering.   I have had many different experiences throughout my life and those who know me, know that I am always seeking the next best experience, and The Wellness Institute has been by far my greatest find.  I am looking forward to growing with this amazing community of individuals. If I have learned anything through this work it is that what you seek is always seeking you.  No matter your age or circumstances, life is seeking to express itself through you.  You are one of a kind and have a beautiful unique light to share with the world.  My prayer throughout this journey is to be of service and to think thoughts that I have never thought before.   Bursting with gratitude! Enjoy the journey!Sarah Here is a full listing of our certified Transpersonal Life Coaches