“Peace on Earth” is often bandied about as a wish for the holiday season, and it is definitely a general desire for most people all year long. Despite the popularity of that idea, we all know that bringing peace to the whole planet is a job no one human, or even 8 billion of them working in concert, can hope to achieve. 
However, we can achieve inner peace as individuals, and help our clients to cultivate it, too. In fact, mental health professionals are, or should be, aware that their own mental health can be even more important than that of their clients. 
In her Substack article on communication, Clare Mingins writes,  

“Now, if attention is given, even simply by one party to begin with, to the inevitability of an exchange of something material between people in an encounter with another or others, especially in a therapeutic relationship, which may range from that of doctor and patient to that of the medicine of friendship, where mutual attention and listening is of paramount significance, then may not this in itself help open the door to more unity of purpose, greater reciprocal nourishment, and truer connection? There is then a great seriousness about being responsible for one’s internal milieu and an attitude of goodwill towards others.” 

This statement challenges mental health professionals to not only address the need for their clients to achieve the kind of equanimity and authenticity that leads to greater happiness. How can this be achieved? 
When therapists are trained, they are required to undergo therapy themselves. This allows them to be mentally and emotionally “clear,” so that they can be effective in their work with clients.  
Unfortunately, once they establish busy practices, many therapists neglect to continue to seek support for their own anxieties, problems, and conditions. Most continuing education only presses them to learn more and do more, leaving even less time for personal growth and development.  
There is one exception to this style of continuing education, however. 

Go Inside with Hypnotherapy

You may already be aware that The Wellness Institute offers courses in Hypnotherapy, as well as advanced training in various modalities, including EMDR and Transactional Analysis. The intensely intimate nature of Hypnotherapy, in particular, requires the therapist to be in tune with and aware of any issues that need to be healed. What’s more, the therapist will need to heal them in order to hold space for clients with problems ranging from PTSD from war, sexual and physical abuse, and manipulation by authority figures in various institutions.  
The therapist’s “internal milieu,” as it is referred to in Clare Mingins’ piece above, must be open and clear, and prepared to receive from as well as to share with the inner workings of their clients. That is why, at the Wellness Institute, trainees participate as clients as well as therapists. Not only do they get a taste of what their clients will experience in hypnotherapy sessions; they get a chance to actualize what Wellness founders Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman hold as their vision: “To heal the healers.” 

Get Certified in Hypnotherapy and Age Regression, and Heal! 

The Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program is taught totally online by live instructors, who are supported by assistants who offer support during participants’ practice sessions. Without the need to pay for travel or accommodations, you’ll get a chance to interact with the teachers, and get direct experience in hypnotherapy and age regression. 
In the Six Day Program, you will get two chances to be therapist, observer, and client with a small group of your peers. This will occur after you have received extensive didactic instruction and have witnessed live and recorded demonstration sessions. Graduates of the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Program remark that they discover aspects of their own inner workings that they need to work on. They repeatedly express their appreciation for the opportunity to heal themselves, while they are in the course! 
What makes training—and healing—at The Wellness Institute even more valuable is the potential for continued study. Deepen your skills in hypnotherapy and breathwork with the Advanced Internship, then expand your ability to lead groups and use psychodrama in the Personal Transformation Leadership Program. Further exploration and development through Jungian practices is available through the Mentors Program. Transpersonal Coaching and an Introductory Hypnosis Course are also available through The Wellness Institute. 
If you’re looking for an evidence-based, effective way of treating trauma resulting from codependency, addiction, sexual and physical abuse, as well as methods of healing eating disorders, somatic disturbances, and childhood issues, you will find all this and more at The Wellness Institute. 
Clear your ability to communicate with true authenticity and take responsibility for creating inner peace for yourself. Then, with a fully open heart, bring what you have cultivated to your clients. 
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