Therapists want to help people, and reach out to as many as they can possibly assist. There are times, though, when even the most ardent mental health professionals get stuck. That’s when it’s time to make some changes! 
Whether you’re in an agency role, making first steps to developing your private practice or simply hoping to re-ignite the one you’ve had for years, it’s always possible to make your practice more robust. There’s one very simple way to solve this problem.  

Expand your skill set with new modalities 

New therapy tools are coming into the forefront every day. From Internal Family systems to Transactional Analysis, EMDR, and Hypnotherapy, there is a wide variety of new modalities to learn. Broadening your horizons is bound to add zest to the powers of attraction your practice emanates. 
As you become more well known as a therapist with certain skills, word will spread, and the success your clients experience will be passed along to the connections they make! Many therapists see expanding their skill sets to be a good idea, but there are obstacles. Who has the kind of time it takes to get some of these certifications? Will it be worth the investment? What if adapting to new modalities is extraordinarily difficult? 
At The Wellness Institute, you’ll find that expanding your horizons by building on your skills is comparatively easy and well worth the investment. Offerings range from asynchronous courses in Transactional Analysis and EFT and short courses in hypnosis and EMDR to comprehensive advanced training in hypnotherapy, transpersonal coaching, psychodrama, and Jungian explorations.  
Your first step, and one you should definitely take as the new year dawns, is to visit The Wellness Institute website. There you will find all of our course offerings. As a preview, here are the three best ways we see for you to create a more robust practice. 

1. Become a Certified Hypnotherapist and Age Regression Therapist 
Online classes with live teachers at The Wellness Institute enable you to get hypnotherapy training in less than a week, and certification shortly thereafter. You’ll learn how to use hypnotherapy and age regression to treat 

  • codependency 
  • addiction 
  • sexual abuse 
  • mind-body issues 
  • eating disorders 
  • dissociation and shock 
  • relationship issues 
  • birth trauma 

Programs in 2024 are being offered in January, March, May, June, July, September, and October. 
Do you feel as though you’d rather wade into hypnotherapy more slowly? Our two-day Introduction to Hypnosis Course will teach you how to induce trance and provide hypnotic suggestions to help clients manage stress, unwanted behaviors and habits, physical discomfort and more. 
The two-day Intro Course is being offered in February, May, and September. 

2. Deepen your skills with The Advanced Internship and Transpersonal Coaching 
Are you already a graduate of the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program? If so, then you’re eligible to take the Internship and participate in the Transpersonal Coaching program. The Internship lets you learn additional skills in hypnotherapy, breathwork, and psychodrama, and provides space for your deeper personal transformation and development. The Transpersonal Coaching Program provides training and techniques that will open up your practice to clients who have “graduated” from therapy and are ready to move on to life mastery.  
The next Internship will begin in September of 2024, and the Coaching class begins in January! 

 3. Reach out to groups by becoming a Personal Transformation Intensive Leader 
Therapists who want to build their practices by gathering people from the community who want to change their lives thrive through this program. Open to Advanced Internship graduates, Personal Transformation Intensive Leadership (PTIL) features extensive training in the art of leadership, the skill of conducting psychodrama, and insight on how to set up and market your group experiences. 
The next PTIL training will be offered beginning April of 2024, and consists of just four sessions, held every other month.  

Take steps toward a more robust practice today! 

Don’t let yourself be “stuck” with stale routines and old ways of running your practice. Expand your skill set and get the opportunity to tend to your own personal growth at The Wellness Institute! Our classes are also CE eligible, in most cases. Start the new year off right. 
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