The job of being a therapist, or any other kind of mental health professional, for that matter, can be stressful and taxing. No matter how much gratification they get from helping clients, and holding space for their healing, therapists often need support of their own.

 It’s possible to get individual supervision, or to have productive exchanges with colleagues, but these remedies are limited in their ability to truly allow therapists to work on their own healing. Going into individual therapy could be helpful, but it will also be time consuming and expensive. Taking training in new modalities can also be an uplifting experience, as well as a way to meet new colleagues and expand your opportunities.

Train and heal at The Wellness Institute

There are a lot of training opportunities available, and many of them do have the effect of giving therapists new ways to view healing, for themselves as well as their clients. However, very few of them actually offer a useful modality plus a comprehensive set of programs that enable therapists to continue to do their personal work. While there are specialized seminars in everything from IFS to EMDR, few of these offer much depth or continuity.


The Wellness Institute offers a unique set of programs that enables therapists to grow for as long of a time period they wish. Each level offers the opportunity to learn more modalities and go deeper and further along the individual’s healing journey. In many cases, CE credit is available.


The journey starts with the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program, and each level builds on the previous ones. In the Six Day:

●     Learn how to conduct sessions in hypnotherapy

●     Experience Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® as a client and observer

●     Establish a network of peers who will participate in practice sessions with you

●     Receive dual certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Age Regression Therapist

If you’re not ready for the Six Day program, or if you simply want to learn basic hypnosis, take the Introduction to Hypnosis course.

●     Learn how to induce, deepen, and manage trance states

●     Develop your ability to help clients form posthypnotic suggestions

●     Help clients work with anxiety, phobias, physical discomfort, job and sports performance


The next step is The Advanced Internship (8 weekends over 16-18 months), where you will:

●     Deepen your skills in hypnotherapy

●     Experience the healing power of a group of kindred souls

●     Learn how to heal from and treat codependency, addictions, sexual abuse, mind-body issues, eating disorders, relationship addiction and more

●     Witness dynamic psychodrama and benefit from being a client

●     Participate in a Mastermind Group to achieve personal and professional goals

●     Learn Heart-Centered Breathwork® and become authorized to use it for yourself and your clients

●     Get a dual certification as an Advanced Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist and Age Regression Therapist, and stand out from other therapists in the field


Participants in the Advanced Internship describe their time together as a life-altering experience. Make the internal and external changes you need to enact with the full support of your group, two teachers, and warm-hearted assistants.


The Personal Transformation Intensive Leadership Program takes Internship graduates to the next step: learning to teach Heart-Centered Therapies to their client base and to their communities. (4 weekends over about 8 months)

●     Discover how to form, market, and hold programs for groups interested in the same kind of personal transformation you have experienced

●     Receive close supervision and support as you learn how to conduct psychodrama sessions

●     Be the client in psychodrama and experience deep mental, emotional, and spiritual healing

●     Practice teaching topics you will cover in group programs of your own

●     Learn more about supervising breathwork sessions

●     Study more detailed information about issues your group participants will bring to your groups

●     Receive Certification as a PTI Leader


PTI Leadership training is hard work, but it is well worth it. You will build stamina, persistence, and mastery while continuing to develop deep connections with your teachers, assistants, and colleagues.


The Mentors Program allows you to become immersed in the depth psychology and magical techniques of Carl Jung. Here, you will heal even more deeply. Elements of transpersonal psychology, which grew from Jung’s work, will help you embark on the path of transcendence. The unique set of virtual classroom experiences the Mentors program offers puts you into contact with all the facets of your personality.

●     Explore your inner animus and anima

●     Identify your extravert and introvert characteristics

●     Experience active imagination and dream work

●     Employ symbolic and archetypal images to more fully understand what holds you back and how you can move forward

●     Witness and receive sessions that include hypnodrama and role reversal

●     Be amazed by the ever-growing array of processes that help with your healing

The Mentors Program is a very special place where therapists can continue to heal for a lifetime, if they so choose.


All of the transformational programs at the Wellness Institute are unique, in that they allow therapists to continue to grow over the course of time, along with colleagues of like mind, heart, and soul. While some Wellness students choose to take in the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program and stop there, others have been a part of the Wellness community continuously, for 25 years or more.


You can choose how long you stay with The Wellness Institute, and you can take pauses between the levels of training if you so desire. Now that the days of the pandemic seem to have come to an end, many former Wellness participants are returning to continue their healing journeys. What about you?


Get started with the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program

And,  if you are someone who completed the Six Day or another level of training, you can now resume your journey with our new, online programs with live teachers and participation from all class members. The bonds that are formed at Wellness travel over the miles and into the hearts of all who participate, and they are bound to persist for many decades.


Explore or revisit the advanced programs, and get excited for an upcoming conference!


For more information about all the programs, contact our Operations Support Manager