The world is in a mental health crisis, and financial conditions aren’t making it any easier. This goes for therapists as well as their clients. Deficits resulting from increased expenses and the seemingly endless stream of patients who may or may not be capable of paying you make for a worrisome combination. 
What can you do to ease your own financial woes while maintaining a viable mental health practice that’s accessible to a wide variety of patients? With an influx of additional clients, how can you tend to them with modalities that are faster and more effective than traditional modes of talk therapy?  

Take action to serve clients and increase your own prosperity 

One thing many practitioners are doing is finding ways to offer additional services. It becomes more obvious, as you deal with clients who face even more financial pressures than you might, that they are less willing than ever to invest in long-term therapy commitments.  You need to develop strategies for helping them to heal more quickly.  
According to this article on the Career Explorer website, hypnotherapy is a highly popular modality that is becoming more widely accepted by the mainstream. For practitioners of other helping professions, from dentists and nurse practitioners to psychologists, adding hypnotherapy to their skill sets makes them more marketable.  

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy can be quite remarkable. Therapists who study hypnotherapy are astounded at how little time it takes to uncover the underlying causes of unwanted attitudes and behaviors when their clients are offered this service. 
Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool when it comes to dealing with the anxiety, fear, and latent anger many clients are experiencing in today’s difficult economic climate. Clients are able to identify the source of their difficulties, and are offered tools for managing the way they respond to changes in their lives. 

Investing in new skills is a wise move 

It’s true that training in new modalities costs money, but training in hypnotherapy will pay for itself within a very short time period. When you learn and become certified in hypnotherapy at The Wellness Institute, you will complete your training online, in your own home or office environment, with live teachers. You will be able to interact and get your questions and concerts addressed directly, as you learn through didactic presentation and experiential practice. 
During your training program, you will conduct hypnotherapy sessions with your peers and participate as therapist, client, and observer. Participants tell us that the experience of being a hypnotherapy client enhances their understanding of the process by allowing them to see what their clients will be asked to do. Participants also experience healing that often leads them to deeper understanding, growth, development, and healing of their own issues. Sessions will take place online, but you will also be instructed on how to perform hypnotherapy in person. 
In the course, you’ll discover how hypnotherapy is used to treat: 

  • codependency 
  • addictions 
  • eating disorders 
  • sexual abuse 
  • children’s issues 
  • DID 
  • prosperity issues 
  • performance 
  • stress and anxiety  

and more. 
Once you complete the training and finish all your practice sessions, you will receive a dual certification as both Clinical Hypnotherapist and Age Regression Therapist. Clients will be attracted to you and choose you over other therapists because of your unique set of credentials. 
There is a shorter, less intensive course available that will provide an Introduction to Hypnosis. This course enables you to use hypnosis for simple relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, as well as work and sports performance support. 
When you train at The Wellness Institute, you will acquire new ways of treating more clients in less time, and cultivate skills that will put you in demand. Once you are certified, you’ll have opportunities to offer treatments that promote smoking cessation and weight release through the use of hypnotherapy. You can form groups and treat more individuals in less time, and increase your own financial prosperity. 
Invest in your future now. Classes for Fall 2023 are filling quickly, so -