The holidays are supposed to be joyous and gratifying - at least that’s what we’re told. Gathering with family, reuniting with relatives, laughing and feasting, are all supposed to be fun.  
For many, however, holidays can be extremely upsetting. Most therapists can attest to this, based on the number of clients whose angst and fears start to creep up on them as soon as the Halloween costumes are stashed away. 
Years after difficult family circumstances present themselves, people can be subconsciously reminded of them simply by the smell of turkey baking or the sound of holiday carols.The anxiety, unease, and even panic people feel in anticipation of holiday gatherings can often be difficult to unpack. It becomes especially frustrating when the time window for going off to Grandma’s or preparing to have 18 people descend upon one’s home begins to close. 

Free your clients from Family Drama 

Do you find yourself talking to your clients about the same issues every time the holidays roll around? Do you wonder if they’ll ever get over their fears of being crushed by a family member’s rude remark? Why do they, as grown adults, seem to turn into little children again at the mention of holiday plans? 
You’ve probably surmised that at the root of all this anxiety are incidents, or maybe a series of them, that make the holiday time so unpleasant for so many of your clients. Getting to the source of these matters can be particularly challenging, because making negative comments about one’s supposedly beloved family member is a big taboo. 
Yet, avoiding the subject is not the best thing for clients, as you know. Despite your best efforts, you might find yourself going in circles with them as they dance around the dysfunctional family behavior that  lies at the root of their holiday hesitancy. 
Hypnotherapy will help you find the source of your clients’ discontent much faster than talk therapy can. By opening up communication between the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind, and connecting their current emotions to past experiences, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®  can heal your clients’ hurts in a very short period of time. 
Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® features age regression, which enables clients to easily access memories they might have repressed or avoided for their whole lives. When they sense they are back at that time when Aunt Hagatha berated them for spilling the cranberry sauce on the tablecloth, and are given a chance to say what they could not at that time, breakthroughs happen.  
An incident such as this one could produce a faulty conclusion in the client’s mind. “I’m stupid,” “I’m clumsy,” or “I’m a nuisance” might be what that child made that nasty telling off mean about him- or herself. As a result, the child might have decided that it was best to shy away from interacting with adult relatives, stay out of range of anything that could be easily spilled, and be ready to be shamed if anything should happen. 
This “walking on eggs” behavior of the child could be fueling the adult client’s angst about going back to Grandma’s house - even if Aunt Hagatha is long dead. Once the client makes the connection between current feelings and past events, it’s far easier to reframe unwanted behaviors, and let the client find the freedom to get at least a little bit of joy out of the holidays. Freeing people from the past allows them to appreciate the present. 

Hypnotherapy is a Highly Effective, Evidence-Based Modality 

There are various levels of trauma, and there are other difficulties clients face that may or may not be triggered by holiday gatherings. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective at treating: 

  • Codependency 
  • Addiction 
  • Sexual and Physical Abuse 
  • Eating Disorders 
  • Mind-Body Issues 
  • Children’s Behavioral Issues 

and more.  
And, learning hypnotherapy doesn’t take a long time. You can learn how to conduct hypnotherapy sessions in less than a week, and get certified shortly after you complete the training. 
The Wellness Institute is a well-established and highly respected leader in the hypnotherapy field. Literally thousands have been trained at Wellness through the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program, At Wellness, your training will take place online with live teachers, affording you the opportunity to interact in real time with your colleagues. 
Another feature of this program is it lets you participate in the training from your home or office. This eliminates the need to travel and pay for overnight accommodations. The online environment fosters an intimate setting within which learning and healing can take place. 
You’ll get hands-on experience in practice sessions, with opportunities to participate as therapist, observer and client! Our students say that the best part of our training is the deep work they get to do while they’re learning. Insight and healing take place even in this very short period of time. 
Not sure if you’re ready to dive into age regression? Consider our two-day Introduction to Hypnosis Course. Here, you’ll learn how to induce hypnosis, offer hypnotic suggestions, and construct programs that help clients overcome bad habits, physical discomfort, fears, phobias, and anxiety. 
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