Clients aren’t the only ones complaining about the immense pressure to spend more money at the end of every year. Even if you’re not a big holiday shopper, end of year expenses such as taxes, medical bills,charitable donations, and winter utilities can make the happy holidays feel like living in a financial pressure cooker.

Problems with finances are serious business, and they usually arise when people, including therapists, fail to manage their money the way that they should. When this occurs, it’s often because people don’t have their priorities straight.

It’s easy for even high-functioning individuals to slip out of alignment with their goals. Sometimes, people put more of a priority on the way they appear in the eyes of others than they do their own happiness. This leads to overspending, a lack of attention to managing income, neglecting invoicing and billing, and generally falling prey to the siren song of mass media exhortations to buy more, and buy now.

Why? Because it’s the holidays. Is that a good reason to lose one’s financial freedom?

How can you, or your clients, get help with managing their lives better? Life coaches deal with issues that plague individuals, and help them to understand how they can form better life patterns and engage in healthier habits.

Maybe you’ve already consulted a coach, or thought about contacting one. Or, you could have clients who, once they get through their mental health issues, could use extra help with managing their day to day lives.

In either case, if you know about coaching, you realize how powerful it can be. A life coach holds space for people to get in touch with what they really want, and holds them accountable for accomplishing the tasks that need to be completed.

A life coach could easily help a person work through their financial circumstances, and set realistic goals to achieve better financial management - often by avoiding unnecessary spending. Coaches also help those with problems “getting around” to billing to make their own income a priority.

Becoming a Coach Will Contribute to Your Financial Success, Too 

There are two ways that you could find help through coaching. First, of course, you could use some coaching to help you navigate financial problems or other issues that are making your life less than optimal. 
Second, you can become a life coach! If you believe that all life coaches do is help people make more money or help them reach their business goals, you’re missing out on something spectacular. 
The Wellness Institute has a unique coaching program that lets coaches work with much more than the nuts and bolts of daily life. The Transpersonal Coaching Program features techniques based on non-ordinary states of consciousness. It allows clients to become all they can be, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 
The Transpersonal Coaching Program at The Wellness Institute will teach you to coach clients using: 

  • Transpersonal Self-Actualiztion 
  • Opening visionary potential 
  • Mindfulness 
  • The witness perspective 
  • Taoistic receptivity 
  • Transcendence through humility 
  • Resilience and serenity  
  • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® 
  • Maslow’s “transcending self-actualization 
  • Jung’s “Individuation” 

This fascinating, elevating program will help you while you learn new ways to help clients, as they progress beyond therapy. Moreover, the Transpersonal Coaching Program at The Wellness Institute will help you to develop and grow into greater prosperity! Imagine expanding your practice to serve a wider client base, and drawing in additional streams of income. 
The Transpersonal Coaching Program is taught totally online, by David Hartman, the co-founder of The Wellness Institute. His years of experience, both as therapist and coach, bring invaluable information to the students fortunate enough to enroll. 
The Transpersonal Coaching Course is open to all graduates of The Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program. A new class will begin in January 2024. Contact our Operations Management Officer to get more information.  
Release yourself and your clients from the prison of financial pressure! 
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