Foster some unlikely partnerships: Be a Transpersonal Coach and help humanity.

A few blog posts back, we talked about Transpersonal Coaching as an elevated approach to life management. To be sure, there are plenty of benefits clients can gain from this powerful method of fostering human development. The biggest one is the ability to bring people together by raising conscious awareness of the mechanisms that make people behave in certain ways.

In this post, though, we want to focus on how you can make your own progress as a practitioner, by becoming a transpersonal coach. As a transpersonal coach, you will show your clients how some very unusual partnerships can be formed. You can get people to work together by helping them to understand more about themselves.

Before we expand on that idea, let’s look at some of the distinctions between therapy and coaching, and offer some thoughts as to how you can reach out in your community to help make it a more enlightened and enriching place.

Coaching is not Therapy

In Choice Coaching Magazine, (Volume 5 Number 3), Patrick Williams draws the lines between therapy and coaching this way:

  • Therapy deals with processing the past; Coaching helps the client to create a better future.
  • Clients want therapists to “fix” their issues; Clients look to coaches to help them arrange their lives in productive ways.
  • Therapists are seen as “strictly professional” by the client, while the coach-client relationship is more cooperative and collegial.
  • Therapists have restrictions and limitations when it comes to attracting clients, but coaches have a range of possibilities open to them.

The world needs more coaches

Let’s focus strongly on the last of the distinctions: how a coach’s options for attracting clients differ from those of most therapists. While much coaching takes place in one-to-one sessions, just like therapy, coaching can be offered in settings where individual or group therapy sessions would be inappropriate.

The first of these is corporations and other business environments. As a coach, you can offer your services to these organizations so that they can encourage and develop their team members. Coaches can help with individual achievement as well as more effective group interaction.

The next area where coaches could help is in the schools and universities. In a world where there are disputes over just about everything, students, teachers, administrators, and parents often find there is a need to bridge their differences. Coaches can help individuals and groups develop direction and confidence, so they can find solutions that build a healthy community.

Another segment of our society where a coach’s services might be needed is in hospitals and nursing homes. The stress levels that are placed on medical and personal care providers are overwhelming. It can be so helpful to have a coach with which individuals and teams of various kinds can consult. Here a coach can help personnel get in contact with the reasons why they wish to serve these communities through teaching mindfulness and stress reduction.

Many of these entities have conferences, retreats, and programs where you can speak and introduce the organizations to the power of Transpersonal Coaching.

Transpersonal coaching: working on the cutting edge, toward a more conscious humanity

Maybe, as you bring these potential areas for bringing more alignment and consciousness to people to mind, you’re already getting ideas about where you could serve as a coach. Before you start making calls, let’s make sure you know how Transpersonal Coaching, specifically, can help people to make connections in ways they might not have considered before.

In their book, From Therapy to Life Mastery, David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff point out the features of transpersonal coaching that make it unique and different from traditional coaching models. They include:

  1. Suggestion and suggestive techniques
  2. Guided meditation or guided imagery
  3. Self-hypnosis
  4. Rehearsal
  5. Age-progression and age-regression in coaching
  6. Dream work

(Hartman, David; Zimberoff, Diane. From Therapy to Life Mastery: Coaching as a Natural Next Step from Hypnotherapy (p. 101). Wellness Press. Kindle Edition.)


If you’re already aware of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, then you recognize many of these techniques. They work magic with our therapy clients, so just imagine what they could do in a coaching environment within a company, medical facility, or educational institution.

By using suggestion, guided meditation, rehearsal, and even dreamwork, coaches can teach people in key positions to unlock the power of their unconscious minds. They can then begin to see the true purpose in their own work and find fulfillment and satisfaction from it.

Imagine bringing some transpersonal coaching techniques into a human resources department, or even a small business, where disputes between team members disrupt the flow of business.

The Clearing Process, a method of allowing a person to go back to the cause of their resentment toward someone or something so it can be recognized and processed, could solve major disputes in just a few minutes. This and other simple techniques could help you demonstrate a portfolio of skills that allow you to expand your abilities and put you in high demand.

How to become a Transpersonal Coach

If you’ve graduated from our Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program, you can easily step into the Transpersonal Coaching Program. If you’re already enrolled in the Advanced Internship, PTI Leadership, or Mentorship classes, the coaching program will not take too much of your time. It will only enhance your ability to serve your clients, the community…and yourself!

Your own prosperity, as well as the expansion of human potential in the places you will touch with your transpersonal coaching work, will be more than just a return on your investments in this program. Transpersonal Coaching invites you to walk into a great new future of your own.

Classes, taught by Wellness Institute co-founder David Hartman, begin February 15, 2022. Contact Des for the class brochure.

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