The unique perspective of Transpersonal Coaching 

Life coaching is a tremendously popular way for clients to organize their lives, build up their confidence and achieve the goals that they set. People come to coaching in order to improve their performance, enhance their relationships, and find ways to be more satisfied with life. Many coaches focus on professional life, while others put the emphasis on helping a client get in better touch with emotions and relationships.

Transpersonal coaching can help clients improve their lives in all of these ways, but it uses an approach thats somewhat different from conventional methods. Transpersonal coaching relies heavily on working with clients while they are in an enhanced state of consciousness. It relies heavily on visioning, dream work, and self-hypnosis.

Why Transpersonal Coaching is so effective

Transpersonal coaching addresses the most powerful parts of the clients being. By using enhanced states of consciousness, the coach can help the client gain access to the subconscious mind. This is where the client is going to discover the reasons behind behavior that is not in alignment with their goals. Once a client becomes aware of these misalignments, it becomes much easier to transform self-image, and change behavior patterns.

The focus is on self-development, and the exploration of the possibility of living beyond Maslows hierarchy of needs. Rather than remaining focused on material matters and reactive and defensive behaviors in relationships, clients become more integrated mentally, and more open and spontaneous emotionally. When this level of awareness is achieved, it becomes possible for transpersonal coaching clients to be more intentional in their behavior, making choices based on a clear life purpose.

Transpersonal coaches put great emphasis on discovering a clients values and motivations, and they strive to work with the client to identify that clear life purpose. Once this is established, the client has a road map to follow, so adjustments can be made that bring the client into alignment with what holds the most heart and meaning.

This might mean that the client has to envision a new way of living, and imagine what this new and enhanced life might be like. Transpersonal techniques are ideal tools for facilitating this process. Working with the client in relaxed states of consciousness, the transpersonal coach can help the client to:

  • Gain clarity about desires and needs: Using visualization to see a fully satisfied future self.”
  • Work with the clients Inner Visionary: Leading the client on a journey to and beyond the threshold between the collective unconscious and the personal conscious, where answers and solutions appear seemingly automatically.
  • Help the client to reframe past failures as valuable learning experiences
  • Empower the client to elicit a state of
  • Increase the clients capacity to imagine a better future.

In addition, transpersonal coaching helps clients to disarm their shadows,” parts of themselves that have deleterious effects on their behavior. This can help clients get past their defenses against growth, by allowing them to understand how the past affects the present. Clients can finally come to a point where they can identify their talents, and use them to create the lives they really want.

Transpersonal Coaching at The Wellness Institute is a great investment in your future

Maybe youre a therapist whod like to add coaching to your repertoire, or you could be a holistic practitioner in search of training and credentials that make you more valuable and credible to your clients. In either case, The Wellness Institutes Transpersonal Training Program can give you cutting edge skills in a short period of time, for a very reasonable cost! Here are some other features of the program:

  • All classes are held online. No added costs for travel or accommodations.
  • Class work is supplemented by small group meetings for experiential learning.
  • The program teaches ICF (International Coaching Federation) Core Competency skills.
  • Elective courses enable you to pursue specialties and relevant areas of focus.
  • The program will be taught by David Hartman, co-founder of The Wellness Institute and co-author of From Therapy to Life Mastery: Coaching, the natural next step from hypnotherapy!

Are you ready to leap into Transpersonal Coaching?  Contact Desiree, or leave us a comment below.

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