It’s true. There’s nothing else like being in a group learning experience at The Wellness Institute. Our teachers hear it all the time: Students just don’t want to see their programs end. They want to carry on working, learning, and healing with the people who have quickly become their friends. Many Six-Day graduates are curious about what comes next, so they go on to Advanced Internship. Then,once the eight-weekend odyssey of Internship at the Wellness Institute culminates in healthy completion, they ask how they can have more of what they already received. The answer is, PTI Leadership Training!

PTI (Personal Transformation Intensive) Leadership Training is all about taking the skills and wisdom you acquire in Wellness training, and sharing it with the community. In this training, students are taught how to formulate, market, and facilitate PTI Weekends, which are designed to serve patients, clients, and other members of the general public.

The PTI weekend curriculum amounts to an abbreviated version of the Internship experience, in that it touches on the topics Internship covers, including codependency, addiction, eating disorders, and relationships. There are three levels of PTI weekends. Each level meets one weekend per month over five months, with one weekday evening meeting each month, in between sessions.

The materials and exercises are geared toward the general public, so they can benefit from the same kind of training Wellness practitioners have, while still metaphorically only dipping a toe or two into the waters of psychological and spiritual transformation. Even with these first steps, however, there can be extensive progress and deep healing.

Conducting PTI weekends is an extremely effective way to expand your practice, as you might imagine. When you expose clients and other members of the community to the deep healing experiences they can have through Heart-Centered therapies, they’re going to want to come for individual sessions. Also, they’re going to refer their friends!

You might also have a few questions about the program. You can listen to Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman, The Wellness Institute’s founders, respond to many questions in this video.

We’ll also give you some general information in this post. Here it is.

What will you learn in PTI Leadership?

This training program, like all Wellness offerings, gives you the opportunity to do more healing of your own as you learn techniques to better serve your clients and patients. In PTIL, the learning and the healing is done through Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama. This is a group activity that Internship participants experience as clients and group members during the second half of the program.

In PTI Leadership training, you will learn to facilitate Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama, because you will be using this technique with clients in your PTI programs. You will also learn a lot about yourself! Experiencing psychodrama at each class meeting will give you the opportunity to explore your inner work at new levels of depth.

You will also learn:

  • How to facilitate groups
  • How to create and sustain a group “container.”
  • How to structure your lessons
  • How to be a healthy leader
  • How to set up your PTI weekends
  • How to market your PTI program

What’s it like to run a PTI program?

One thing that you won’t have to worry about, when you run your own PTI program, is doing it all on your own. As in most other Wellness programs, there are two teachers leading the weekends. There are many reasons for this, not the least of them being that doing this on one’s own would require more stamina than the normal human being normally has. Another reason is that when two people teach, it is easier to “hold” the group together. The two personalities give participants different perspectives. Because the Personal Transformation experience is, essentially, group therapy, at least one of the teachers must be a licensed therapist.

You can run in-person programs, or you can conduct your PTI programs online. You will be prepared in the training with the knowledge you need to discern for yourself which method will work better for you and your potential clients.

While in-person programs offer up-close connections, they also require you to rent facilities, arrange for room and board, and supply equipment, such as chairs, mats, bags, and hoses. If you choose to run programs online, participants can stay in their own environment, without the added cost of travel and accommodations. Also, your PTI group members, as well as the second teacher, can be in many different locations, broadening your potential client pool, and the reach of your practice.

What if I don’t know if I want to run PTI programs?

There is so much to be gained by participating in the PTI Leadership Training, even if running these weekends isn’t for you. You will enjoy the camaraderie of Wellness people, plus the experience of leading within your Wellness group. PTIL participants have the opportunity to lead morning chant sessions and offer meditations. You’ll also choose a topic to teach, and give a 10-minute presentation to your group. These skills can be applied outside of the PTI program, with other small groups you might want to have in your community.

The most profound experience you’ll have while taking PTIL training, whether you aspire to be a group leader or not, is your own healing. The therapeutic power of Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama is a way to take your personal journey to the deep levels you’ve always longed for. Furthermore, doing this healing is going to make you a better practitioner, whether you decide to run weekends or not.

Most important, if you elect to enroll in the PTIL program, you will learn all of these skills from the people who created it: Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman! They will be the teachers in the upcoming training, which begins June 17, 2022! Don’t delay. There are many beautiful souls who wish to take the next step in their Wellness journey, and the current class is filling fast. Contact Desiree to get further information, watch Diane and David talk about PTIL on this video, and step up to a new level of healing and clinical mastery.

Enroll in PTI Leadership Training today!