Our planet is filled with angst at the moment. From worries about the price of food to the prospect of escalating war, humanity is bombarded with information that produces tension, fear, and anxiety. Even if an individual seems to have everything anyone could possibly desire, the overwhelming pressure of society’s woes weighs heavily on the psyche.

These worsening conditions overtax people and the mental health facilities where they find therapists. And, the sad truth is that there are likely to be fewer and fewer places people can go for help. As the government is forced to tighten its own belt, whether because it pays hefty bills for a growing defense budget, or for some other reason has fewer allocatable funds than before, mental health agency budgets are likely to suffer.

How can we help people deal with the stress of this intensely angst-producing world when our own jobs, possibly at an agency or a government facility, are no longer secure? Also, how can we provide care that not only allows our clients to talk out their troubles, but really gets to the source of their worries and helps them to heal?

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy eases angst and opens opportunities

We’ve examined in our blog, quite extensively, how effective hypnotherapy can be for treating trauma by allowing clients to express emotions that have been suppressed for far too long. This alone is a good reason to learn hypnotherapy, but there is more.

In hypnotherapy, we often use the technique of titration, whereby we show clients how emotions such as fear, anxiety, jealousy, loneliness, guilt, and shame can be raised and lowered, simply by the power of self-suggestion. The client is given the opportunity to bring up, let’s say, fear of war. Maybe they can recount frightening news reports they’ve heard, or simply bring up memories of another terrifying experience that’s being triggered within them by the prospect of global discord.

Once the emotion is intense enough that it becomes the focus of the client’s attention, the hypnotherapist coaches the client through a process of lessening the intensity of the emotion. This can be achieved through the client gently comforting and affirming his or her inner child, or something as simple as using a dial or dimmer switch to turn the emotions “up” or “down.” Once a client is shown that it’s possible to bring the emotions down through hypnotic suggestion, they can independently manage their own angst, whether societal or personal, in a much more effective way.

Being able to offer techniques such as these, as well as other, Heart-Centered Therapies opens amazing opportunities for therapists. Working with hypnotherapy can, for instance, make it much easier for a therapist to open a private pay practice. You can keep hypnotherapy in your therapeutic toolbox, using it alongside your usual counseling tools. Or you can become a specialist in hypnotherapy, reaping the rewards of referrals from other therapists who send their clients to you for hypnotherapy sessions.

In this changing world, we must find ways to reach people who suffer from angst, whether it’s personal, social, or societal. And, as the economy goes through transformation, we need to build self-sufficient practices that allow us to continue to serve humanity while we also sustain our own needs for security, professional development, and personal satisfaction.

Develop your hypnotherapy skills now

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The PTI Leadership program trains and qualifies you to conduct group sessions with members of your community. You can bring healing to these groups and expand your practice by demonstrating the skills you have to offer to those who seek help. This program places the focus on Dynamic Psychodrama, which brings healing through Heart-Centered Therapies to an even deeper level. The next PTI Leadership class begins in June, 2022, and will be taught by the founders of The Wellness Institute, David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff.

PTI Leaders, others who pursue the path of teaching, as well as seekers who wish to continue their journey of healing, continue their training in the Mentors Program.

Hypnotherapy allows miracles to happen for clients and therapists alike. Now is the time to take a step toward your own transformation.

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