The business of doing healing work is gratifying, no matter how it is that we get to engage in it. As Wellness graduates know, though, there is a power that groups have. Groups amplify and accelerate the process of evolving into our best selves. Why does this happen, and how can you create group experiences that help people through their healing processes? And, what does the promise of conducting group experiences do to increase your own abundance?

Why working in groups is so effective

To answer these questions, let’s first examine why groups work. We all know that going into our deepest interior thoughts, our past traumas, and our most irrational fears is difficult. Individual therapy often puts a client on the spot, and leaves the person wondering whether the processes going on inside are “normal,” and what judgments the therapist might make. When people join groups they might start out in a similar state of mind, but before long, after hearing what others have to share, they realize that it is safe to talk about their issues and observations.

There are other reasons groups work so well in therapeutic settings. According to an article posted on Psych Central, in addition to allowing people to not feel alone, healing in groups:

  • Gives clients a chance to give as well as receive support
  • Opens clients to new ways of communicating
  • Assists clients in learning how to interact in healthier ways
  • Provides clients with a “safety net,” because they know they will receive support from their peers

As we learn while going through the progressively more intimate processes we experience through Wellness training, we also make connections with people that last throughout our lives. This can be true for the members of the PTI groups you form, as well.

How can you create healing group experiences?

The Wellness Institute's PTI (Personal Transformation Intensive) program gives PTI Leaders the opportunity to create groups in their own communities. Groups can be formed from clients, patients, and members of the general public. PTI weekends allow participants to experience many of the processes we learn in Internship, while giving them the opportunity to do their own inner work with Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama.

To become a PTI leader, all you need to do is complete the Six Day, the Advanced Internship, and the PTI Leadership Program. Upon completion of PTIL, you will be awarded a license to run your own PTI programs, as well as all the materials you’ll need for teaching, plus all the handouts your participants will need. The PTI Leadership program has become easier than ever to complete. Within six months, you can complete the four weekends’ worth of training, and become qualified to run your own weekend programs.

Learn more about Personal Transformation Leadership and the PTIL program in this informative video featuring Wellness Institute founders David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff.

Our next session will take place over the weekends of June 17-19, August 19-21, October 15-16, and December 9-11, 2022. Contact Desiree Watson to register.

Increase your abundance with PTI Programs in your community

Putting together a PTI program can be fun, and the best news is that, just like your clients, you won’t have to do it alone. For a variety of reasons, PTI Leaders work in pairs. You will be able to draw on both of your client bases, combine your resources to cover any costs, and of course, split the profits of your new PTI business.

Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to teach as a team. You can work together to create schedules that best suit your group(s), and alternate teaching and group process duties to offer the participants diversity and opportunities to form more than one connection with trusted authority figures.

Now that so many classes are being taught online, there is more opportunity to develop successful PTI groups than ever. You can call on a much wider range of clientele, reaching virtually across the planet. Clients are often more attracted to online experiences than they are to in-person retreats, as well. They don’t need to pay for travel or accommodations, and that means the experience will be more affordable for them, and therefore, accessible to a greater number of people.

The online model offers many advantages to PTI Leaders, too. There’s no need to worry about renting facilities or providing meals. You won’t have to buy chairs, bags, or hoses, or store them. You can conduct the weekends from the comfort of your own home or office, and partner with another qualified leader from anywhere in the Wellness network.

But, for those who feel they want to offer an in-person experience for their clients, this is still very much within the realm of possibility. Our PTI Leaders have been doing it for years, with very satisfying and lucrative results! And, as always, running PTI weekends increases your client base and incentivizes existing clients to refer their friends to you.

Lead the way to abundance and healing for the whole planet

When you lead PTI groups, you help your clients to begin healing their emotional wounds. When the group congeals, and the shared process begins to operate, personal growth begins to spread all around the circle. Then, when these people go out into their communities, they have the potential to heal their relationships, and to create more harmonious environments in the places where they live, work, and recreate.

Our planet is in dire need of healing. While no single person is capable of solving the world’s many problems, it is possible to send a wave of prosperity and healing through your community, and then onward, wherever the people who take part in PTI travel and touch even more people. Offering your clients and your community the opportunity to find ways to heal and be their very best selves is a privilege, an honor, and a great way to help the whole world to heal.

If you’re already a trained PTI Leader, consider starting or restarting your PTI programs. Notify the office if you need to renew your license. There is no additional fee.

If you’re a graduate of our Advanced Internship Program, or if you want to refresh your PTI Leadership skills, contact Desiree to enroll in the 2022 program. If you are interested in becoming a PTI Leader and haven’t joined any Wellness program yet, get started with our Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program and continue with the Advanced Internship.

We all talk about wanting to “make a difference” all the time. Now’s your chance. Foster the growth of abundance through group healing. Become a PTI Leader.

Learn PTI Leadership from David and Diane, beginning June 17th!