Anyone who has undergone chemotherapy, or knows a loved one who has, has probably become familiar with what is commonly called “chemo brain.” Jennifer Kilkus, writing for Psychology Today, tells us that no one knows for sure what causes chemotherapy patients to experience “brain fog,” but there is no doubt that it is a common side effect of treatment. 
Chemo brain is also known as treatment-related cognitive impairment, and creates difficulty with attention, concentration, working memory, and executive function. Patients, even those who were previously meticulous at organization, might find that they no longer are. Sluggish thinking, difficulty with multitasking, and a reduced ability to comprehend details or learn new things are among the many other symptoms patients suffer. 
A cancer diagnosis in and of itself is psychologically disturbing. To go through surgery,  chemotherapy, radiation, and/or hormone treatment, and the lifestyle changes needed to endure them, can be as emotionally devastating as it is physically draining. 

How much impact does chemo brain have on patients?

For most patients, 80% according to Dr. Kilkus, chemo brain subsides a few months after treatment runs its course. The other 20% may be plagued with these disturbing symptoms for a much longer period of time. 
In both cases, chemo brain is extremely disruptive. Getting back to work, or resuming routines involving personal and family relationships, can be difficult.The patient might not feel “whole” after the ordeal of cancer treatment, and experience a sense of alienation and depression as a result. 
Self-esteem can suffer damage from these emotional impacts, as well as the physical effects of being treated for cancer. Surgical changes, loss of hair, or changes in the body resulting from the ordeal of cancer treatment contribute to a less robust self-image as well. 

How can hypnosis help patients deal with chemo brain? 

Hypnosis, which facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind, can help patients develop more access to memory and support their emotional health.  The process of relaxation that takes place during a hypnosis induction permits the client to learn how to create a more positive frame of mind. 
Through suggestions offered in hypnosis, a client manage and develop 

  • stress and anxiety 
  • mental blocks 
  • physical discomfort 
  • performance anxiety 
  • positive visualization 

Hypnotherapy, an even more powerful technique which uses hypnosis, age regression, and emotional release, will help the patient better understand more deeply the source of negative feelings. Triggers that provoke emotional abreaction in the present could bring up negative experiences from the past. Through regression, the clients has the opportunity to heal from these old ways of thinking and develop new levels of self esteem and happiness. 
Hypnotherapy addresses: 

  • trauma 
  • sexual abuse 
  • authority issues 
  • codependency 
  • addiction 
  • eating disorders 
  • mind-body management 

Hypnotherapy has the advantage of allowing the cancer patient to release inhibitions and be in contact with subconscious thoughts and motivations. In both hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the client is able to reprogram old ideas that might be holding up recovery, and pursue a course that leads to greater acceptance of changes and a better way of managing the symptoms of chemo brain.  

Learn Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at The Wellness Institute 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are evidence based modalities that will help you broaden your skill set and serve your patients more fully. These ways of treating your clients will empower you to reach underlying causes of your clients’ symptoms, and help them get to the root cause of their issues. 
Fortunately, becoming certified in hypnotherapy is comparatively easy, and hypnosis training is exceptionally simple to obtain. The Wellness Institute offers two options: 
Introduction to Hypnosis: a 2-day course that trains you in induction, hypnotic suggestions, and teaching clients how to perform self-hypnosis. 
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The Wellness Institute is unique in that it offers Advanced trainings that enable you, after finishing the Six-Day Program, to further develop your hypnotherapy skills and learn new modalities such as breathwork and psychodrama. Our highest level of training takes you into the depth psychology of Carl Jung. 
The power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to treat issues such as chemo brain will allow you to see your clients make progress toward living a happier, fuller life. That alone is worth the investment you’ll make in your future with this training. Don’t wait. 
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