Does “going to work” have to mean “back to the grind?” Not when you love, or at least like, what you do. Therapists hear a lot of complaints from clients who don’t like their work, dislike their colleagues and generally see the way they make a living as a source of unhappiness. 
Not everyone can be fortunate enough to be in their dream job, but there is a lot that therapists can do to help clients feel better about the positions they have. First, it’s helpful to assess your clients’ values and strengths, and gauge how well their chosen careers fit these important aspects of their being. 
Then, there are at least two tactics you can take in order to give them space for more satisfaction. The first would be to assist them in making a job or career change that is more suitable to them. When that’s not possible, you can help them find ways to satisfy their needs and do things that meet their values outside of work. 
One thing both of these approaches have in common is a call for a change in the client’s behavior. You have probably noticed that this is often the hardest part of helping clients. Clients can set goals, identify objectives, enumerate tasks, but they often neglect to keep the promises they make to themselves on paper.  

Hypnotherapy: Tap on the power on the subconscious 

It’s frustrating to deal with situations where clients just don’t seem to be able to make a change. From standing up to an abusive boss to giving up a boring job to pursue a more meaningful one, people often resist leaving their comfort zones. Yet, they come to you to encourage them to make moves. What can you do? 
When you learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you have powerful tools that will assist your efforts to help clients make changes. These modalities allow you to facilitate communication between the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind, and liberate your clients from the prison of their undesirable habits. 
In both hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you induce a state of relaxation in the client that quiets the conscious mind and facilitates communication with the part of the mind that holds a much deeper level of memory. Hypnosis works quite simply, through the power of suggestion. You can offer post-hypnotic suggestions that help clients to: 

  • alleviate anxiety 
  • create healthy habits and positive routines 
  • use positive affirmations and self-talk 
  • eliminate unwanted habits 

and more. 
Hypnotherapy  goes even deeper, by using age regression to get clients to the source of their undesirable attitudes and images. Healing traumatic wounds through the expression of emotions and reframing old and unproductive self-assessments allows clients to identify what they need to do, and encourages them to change their ways of living.  

Learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy in less than a week! 

At The Wellness Institute, you can learn hypnosis, hypnotherapy or both. Get your training online, with live teachers and the opportunity to interact with them and your peer group. You’ll experience giving, getting, and observing sessions under the supervision of your teachers and qualified assistants. 
The Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program provides all the didactic and experiential learning you need to become certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Age Regression Therapist. You will stand out from other therapists, because your will have received this comprehensive training and completed practice sessions in order to achieve this certification. You will learn how to use hypnotherapy to work with a variety of client issues, and you will also learn how to use simple post-hypnotic suggestions. 
You’ll complete The Introduction to Hypnosis course in just two days. It covers the basics of hypnosis, and will give you a good feel of what hypnotherapy might be like. You will be trained to use hypnosis to enhance your practice and provide positive programs for your clients. If you take the Introduction to Hypnosis course and then decide to move on to the Six-Day program, you will get a discount, plus the CE units you need to keep your license current. 
One of the most attractive features about training at The Wellness Institute is the opportunity offered to participants to engage in their own personal growth. Our Six Day students cherish the experience they have practicing as clients, and many elect to go on to our higher level training courses.  
The Advanced Internship, Personal Transformation Intensive Leadership, and Mentorship programs permit therapists to tend to their own needs to grow and transform, as well as to fulfill the mission of The Wellness Institute: “to heal the healers.” 
The convenience and comprehensive nature of The Wellness Institute provide you with a comparatively simple way to acquire the skills you need to help your patience move toward greater satisfaction and fulfillment. 
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