Are you thinking about getting certified in life coaching?

Life Coaching is all about taking clarified action.  The field of life coaching asks its participants to thoughtfully engage in new paradigms of thinking.  It encourages and stimulates powerful language, innovative visualization, identification of shadow parts of self, and so many other life changing competencies.  If you are interested in becoming a Life Coach this year, then perhaps it’s time to sit down and devote a bit of your time to asking the rich questions of this profession.  You can spend a lifetime learning, but why not make this the year that you act on your passion to become a life coach. 

If you're considering becoming a life coach, but still aren't sure, these five questions should help:

1. What would you try now if you knew you could not fail? 

It’s a New Year.  A blank slate.  An open road ahead.  The biggest vista of green lights stretches all the way to the horizon.  This is the year my friends for you to take the calculated steps towards your dreams becoming a reality.  Becoming a life coach is fueled by endless opportunities to help your clients attain their visions, to help facilitate orientation towards an outcome, and to move towards paradigms of possibilities.  Are you getting excited yet?  Becoming a life coach allows you to support the areas of growth in your own life that you are asking your clients to facilitate.  This modality is not about your history, or the pain of old stories, this modality is all about connecting you to your future vision.  All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. ~Walt Disney

2. What are the top 5 things in your life that give you joy?

Begin to feel and witness your answers blossoming from the very center of your passions.  As you zero in on your joys, how do they overlap with the traits of being a life coach? Perhaps you have a desire to become an entrepreneur, to set your schedule from a tropical location or a ski resort, maybe you long to stimulate accountability within your clients, or maybe you are a master gardener of the spirit - cultivating germination and expansion within individuals.  Do you find joy in connecting individuals to their passions?  How does becoming a life coach change your world and the world around you?  Articulate your joys and live them. 

3. Who is on your team to support you?

As you begin to contemplate moving towards the path of becoming a life coach, who is on your team to support you?  Becoming a life coach is a clearly identified goal and it becomes your job to touch in with your current realities and honestly identify any obstacles that are in your way.  Who is on the sidelines supporting you throughout this process?  As I have progressed through The Wellness Institute’s Transpersonal Life Coaching Program, I have felt much support.  Support from my teachers, my peers, and my mentors.  It has been very helpful to identify potential sources of support as well as any areas of life that are not supporting the unfoldment of this dream.  Begin to honestly identify your sources of support, or your lack of support. 

4. What courses will support the unfoldment of your coaching business?

As you begin to dip your toes into the life coaching waters, it becomes imperative to ask the right questions of the organization you are inquiring of.  How do the training modules support your growth as a coach and then how does this translate into your success as a business person?  Will you be learning how to market your own coaching business, the logistics of establishing contracts, and the adherence to ethical guidelines?  As you begin to explore coaching programs, perhaps you’ll find programs that allow you to explore numerous teaching modalities.  The Wellness Institute Transpersonal Life Coaching program has designated modules that allow individuals to clearly identify areas of interest and growth.  Enjoy a 40 hour four module (1) Introduction to Professional Life Coaching, (2) Power of the Subconscious Mind in Coaching, (3) Life Purpose-Life Design, and (4) Business of Coaching.  In addition, you’ll enjoy 2 elective courses of your choosing, ranging from Coaching for Transcendence to Coaching Tools for Wellness.  Find a program that supports the unfoldment of your vision. 

5. How does becoming a Life Coach help you to empower others?

Wellness Life Coach and Teacher, Michael Malone has introduced a model of Empowerment for his students.  If you are at all interested in this field, then perhaps look at how these steps apply to your life, and then how they will apply to the clients you are working with.

  • Identify Strengths- Identify what people are profoundly good at.
  • Acknowledge- As you and your clients begin acting out of your strengths, you acknowledge and operate out of this profound energy.
  • Stand for Client- As a coach, you want to support your clients by holding their dreams.
  • Reframing- If you aren’t able to change circumstances, how can you help your clients to shift the context and grow from their experiences?
  • Perspective- Assist your clients in gaining perspective and developing distance from their challenges.
  • Unconditional Positive Regard- Hold your clients in the highest regard.
  • Possibility Thinking- Assist your clients in expanding their vision and the possibilities of their lives.
What's Next?

As you begin asking the rich questions of becoming a life coach, let your learning lead the way.  Share your talents for growing people’s dreams and desires.  If you are interested in learning more about the Transpersonal Life Coaching program through The Wellness Institute, please reach out to us and allow us to assist you as you ask the profound questions of the process.  We look forward to taking action with you this year. 

Here is a full listing of our certified Transpersonal Life Coaches