Hypnotherapy is a highly effective means of achieving progress toward resolving trauma and changing undesirable behavior. For most clients, especially those who are well-educated about hypnotherapy’s benefits, sessions run smoothly, and  deep healing can be achieved. 
However, there are many clients, particularly those who have been severely traumatized, who might not be very willing to go into hypnosis in order to do this work. Trust, obviously, is a huge issue for those who suffer the aftereffects of severe trauma. It’s not unreasonable for them to have this hesitancy. Fortunately, there are ways to help them get to a point where they can benefit from hypnotherapy. 

Educate your clients  

While it isn’t always possible to have separate sessions wherein you can go into detail about what hypnotherapy is going to be like for a client, it is always wise to ensure that they know what they can expect to experience. You can spend time with them in-session, or provide materials on your website that include: 

  • What to expect (trance state, conscious-to-subconscious communication, regression, emotional release) 
  • The results you can achieve (clarity about life patterns, changing habits and attitudes) 
  • What a session is like (outline the session) 
  • What you’ll need (for online sessions, particularly, they’ll need to prepare their space effectively) 
  • Some common questions and concerns, answered and allayed. 

To those of us who practice hypnotherapy on a regular basis, things such as going into trance and releasing deep emotions seem to be a normal part of the process. To new clients, these experiences can seem strange, and frankly, somewhat scary. It’s our job, as hypnotherapists, to help clients get past their hesitancy and resistance, and educational materials go a long way toward this. 

For those who need more, do less 

When we encounter clients who have deep issues around trust and safety, we need to do more to make them comfortable, which actually means we need to do less. There is no reason to rush anyone into a full-blown hypnotherapy session before that person is entirely ready. Educational materials will be of some help, but you will find that it’s wise to slow down the progress into a full session with these sensitive clients. 
We accomplish this by using titration. By allowing the client to experience the process in small segments, a little bit at a time, it’s possible to get your client to become more comfortable with, and accustomed to, the feeling of being in the state of hypnosis. You can introduce the idea of relaxing into a different state of mind, perhaps with a guided meditation or simple eye fixation and relaxation. Later, you can move into guided visualization, or bring your client to the point where a favorite, most relaxing place can be established. 
Resourcing these clients is of paramount importance. This means encouraging them to connect with their source of spiritual protection, and also come to know a wise adult part of themselves that will always guide and protect them. That way, if they become afraid or anxious, a resource can be brought in to help them cope with and distance themselves from the traumatic memory. 
It’s important to take these small steps, which are traditionally part of the full hypnotherapy session, one at a time. That way, the client becomes familiar with each segment of the journey, and is more willing to step into the deeper parts of the process once trust is established. 
It might take several sessions to ease a highly traumatized client into a full hypnotherapy session. After all, when a person is traumatized, there is very little incentive to go back to the moment the trauma occurred. It will take time for them to come to realize that it’s possible to do this in a way that allows them to clear the intense emotions that haunt them from the depths of the unconscious. Once they can express these emotions, reframe the old ideas they once had about themselves, and heal through self-love and care, they will find their lives go much more smoothly. 

Cultivate the power of hypnotherapy with training at The Wellness Institute 

You can easily learn the art of hypnotherapy, including titration, in a very short time. In fact, it takes only Six Days! In the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program at The Wellness Institute, you’ll benefit from didactic and experiential learning, with live, online teachers and under close supervision.  

  • In addition to learning how to practice hypnotherapy, you’ll see demonstrations of how it is used to treat such issues as: 
  • Codependency 
  • Addictions 
  • Sexual abuse 
  • Mind-body interactions 
  • Eating disorders 
  • Relationship addiction  

You’ll even learn about hypnotherapy to improve testing and athletic performance, as well as techniques for using hypnotherapy with children. 
The Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program is an excellent way to learn this powerful skill, and in many cases, you can also be awarded CEUs for your participation! You’ll also experience what hypnotherapy can do to enhance your own personal development and healing. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not all.  

Once you complete your initial training, you become eligible for The Advanced Internship. Spanning over eight weekends, over about eighteen months, this program goes much deeper into the topics covered in the Six Day Training, and helps you refine your hypnotherapy skills. You’ll also experience other advanced therapies such as breathwork and psychodrama as part of the Internship. 
The Personal Transformation Intensive Leadership (PTIL) Program trains you to be a leader of groups in your community. You can assemble clients, both current and potential, to experience the power of healing in groups. Through self-examination, education, and exposure to hypnotherapy and breathwork, they’ll accelerate their progress in therapy, and thank you for this transformative experience. 
Our Mentorship Program is designed for PTIL level graduates who wish to explore Jungian depth psychology, didactically and experientially. The program is intended for those who may want to become teachers at The Wellness Institute, but others who qualify are also warmly welcomed into these incredible seminars. 
The Wellness Institute has decades of experience teaching cutting edge techniques to the mental health community. So many of our students come for the CEUs, and wind up enrolling in all our programs. The Wellness Institute offers educational opportunities that last a lifetime. 
If you’re already a graduate of any of our programs, we know you miss us! Well, then, come on back! Now that we’re online, it’s easy to enroll in the program that’s right for you, and get your Wellness experience back on track. 
If you haven’t taken a Wellness course yet, don’t wait any longer. Start giving more to your clients, and to yourself!