The need to accrue Continuing Education Units, or CEUs, as we more commonly call them, can be an irritating disruption to any therapist’s practice. Yet, for practicing licensed therapists, CEU requirements are ever present and unavoidable.  
Therapists like to spend time with their clients, doing what they do best, and often resent the interruption to their normal routine that occurs when it comes time to get the CEUs that are needed to meet licensing requirements. 

CEUs: What topics to choose? 

There are many ways therapists can get CEUs. As the APA website shows us, it’s possible to study any range of specialties, from addiction to dealing with people in the military to ethics in psychology and race, ethnicity, and identity. There’s no doubt that any course therapists take to enhance their skills and raise their awareness are valuable, but it’s also important that the CEU subjects that are studied have meaning and practical uses.  
Ideally, the topic of any CE class therapists take should supplement, complement, and enhance the therapist’s desire to do what they do best: help their clients to heal and live happy and full lives. While many CEU topics are interesting, they don’t always help therapists to be even better at what they do. Even when a course seems to be a “refresher,” it might wind up to be little more than a repeat of information from a basic graduate school class. 
A valuable CE class should provide fresh knowledge that leads to the development of new skills. Meaningful Continuing Education makes therapists better at what they do by adding to the effective tools they can use to help their clients and patients. 

Hypnotherapy: fascinating, powerful, and incredibly effective 

Learning hypnotherapy at The Wellness Institute is the perfect way to get CEUs that add meaning and insight to your practice, as well as give you new skills to use with your clients. The Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program packs in 55 CEUs for psychologists and social workers licensed by most states. Moreover, it provides training that therapists can use to improve their client’s lives. 
Here are just some of the topics that are covered in the didactic portion of this basic hypnotherapy training and certification course: 
Basics of hypnosis 
Induction and trance states 
Neuro-linguistic programming 
Collapsing anchors (changing habits) 
Hypnotherapy as treatment for codependency, addiction, sexual abuse, PTSD, eating disorders, and more. 

In addition to the live, online presentation of this material, you will experience hypnotherapy and build your confidence as a therapist during the six-day period. In practice sessions with your peers, you’ll act as hypnotherapist, client and observer, twice each, over the six days.  
Once you finish the six-day training, you’ll conduct hypnotherapy sessions on your own, and submit materials that will satisfy the requirements for certification. Most students complete this and receive their certification as Clinical Heart Centered Hypnotherapist within a few months of completing the course. There are optional supervision classes available, or those who would like further instruction. Once you are certified, you can bring this powerful form of hypnotherapy into your client sessions. 

There’s more: CEUs for advanced hypnotherapy classes in the Wellness Institute Community! 

When they finish the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification program, many of our students tell us they are sad that the class has come to an end. The good news for them, and you, is that The Wellness Institute offers advanced programs, and you can continue to get CEUs for participating in them. 
Our Advanced Internship Program takes you deeper into your own healing process, while you continue to develop and expand your skills in hypnotherapy. You will also experience Heart-Centered Breathwork™, a modality that uses the body’s natural ability to access the subconscious and unconscious areas of the mind and to tap on the wisdom of the body to process unresolved trauma. 
Personal Transformation Intensive Leadership Training (PTIL) is a program designed to train you to lead groups of your own clients and members of your community who wish to accelerate their individual healing processes. You’ll learn how to facilitate Heart-Centered Psychodrama™ sessions, where your clients will externalize the internal conversations that have undermined their ability to live fully and happily, and use them to create new ways of being. 
The Mentorship Program is available to those who wish to delve deeply into the transformative theories and techniques of Carl Jung. Through didactic study and experiential practice, participants deepen their own personal growth and enhance their abilities to lead clients toward their ultimate healing. 
Whether you’re new to The Wellness Institute or you’re an old hand, there’s plenty for you to learn, and CEUs to earn! Don’t wait a minute longer. This is the best, most comprehensive, and powerful hypnotherapy program you can invest in. All classes are conducted live and online with caring, compassionate and highly competent teachers. We hope to see you in an upcoming class. Do it for the CEUs, but get a lifetime of healing, for your clients, and you, to go along with them.