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As you sit with Gandhi’s words, allow them to resonate within you. Allow them to echo off the walls of your current life and then invite them into the life that you have imagined for yourself. Perhaps you have been dreaming of becoming a life coach? Where do you begin in this journey and what are the benefits for your life both personally and professionally? As you peer into this opportunity, perhaps embody the audacious nature of authoring your personal story?

In this story you are the main character and key elements are in place to help your dreams unfold. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Reasons for Becoming a Life Coach. Get ready for your life to be animated in amazing ways.

Reason #1:Becoming a Life Coach allows you to become an expert in your own life!

As you begin working with clients, you will be asking them to dive into the recess of their desires and wants. You will be accompanying them on this amazing journey of realizing their victories and transforming challenges. You will be helping them to author their stories and own their adventures. You will be holding a space for them to identify their challenges and to cheer them on as they reach their goals. How amazing to then share with your clients that you have been on a similar adventure of exploring the ‘Self.’ By personally journeying down this road, you become the expert in your own life and then are able to share your experiences with others. As you share your appropriate experiences with your clients, you allow a synergistic relationship to unfold. You embody the business of being an expert in your own life!

Reason #2:You desire to ‘listen’ in a new and innovative way.

Becoming a life coach allows you to tap into a newfound sense of listening. Throughout the coaching journey, you will be exposed to listening to your clients in very profound ways. Your listening tool box will grow exponentially. You will begin to ‘listen to’- attending to the exterior clues of your client’s body language and exterior movements. You will also ‘listen for’- in this space you will be attuning to their passions, and hearing their wants and desires. You will lastly be involved in the process of ‘listening with’- in this yummy space you will be listening with your heart and energetically connecting with your clients. If you are ready to listen to, for and with your clients in an entirely new fashion, then perhaps the field of life coaching is attuning with you.

Reason #3:You become the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of!

Transitioning into the role of a life coach allows you to become your own boss. How would your personal and professional life change if you were able to set your own schedule? Would you like to enjoy more time with your family and friends? Do you love to travel? Becoming a life coach allows you to become an entrepreneur. You begin promoting yourself and sharing your strengths and passions with your clients. You set your own schedule and can even work from the comforts of your own computer. There are wonderful software programs to work remotely with your clients online. You no longer ‘have’ to live within the parameters of the traditional model as you strive to create a model that suits your lifestyle.

Reason #4:Are you ready to not only ask powerful questions, but to live them?

Are you ready to answer these questions? Are you ready to help others answer them for themselves?

  • What do you secretly yearn for?”
  • “If you dared to speak it, what would you make happen in your career/life?”
  • “What does it mean to you to have a full and rich life?”

These powerful questions are just the beginning my friends. As you begin to ask these questions in your own life, you find resources and opportunities that you had perhaps long ago lost touch with. As you begin feeling the impact of these answers in your own life, you create momentum to assist your clients in asking these important questions in their own lives. The possibilities are endless and through the coaching experience the growth becomes exponential! Life Coaching helps to ask some of the most important questions in our lives.

Reason #5:I’m ready to transition from therapist to life coach, how do I know if this is a good fit for me?

If you are interested in growing your clients’ potential, then life coaching is right up your alley. Are you passionate about helping your clients progress to their highest potential? In your work as a therapist, are you ready to partner with your clients as you help co-facilitate their growth to ensure that they unlock their passions, and brilliance? Transitioning from therapist to life coach is a brilliant transition because as a therapist you have already helped your clients work through the layers of personal work: repairing early damage, becoming accountable for one’s shadow, and developing inner strengths and core essence. Immerse yourself in the ‘positive psychology’ movement.

Reason #6:How can becoming a life coach lead to a more abundant life?

Life Coach and therapist Michael Malone invites his clients and students to tap into the energy of abundance. Who doesn’t want to be more abundant in health, wealth, time, resources and relationships? How are you currently measuring abundance in your own life? As a life coach you begin to get in touch with the abundance present in your own life and then in turn help your clients to increase abundance in their own lives. Michael reminds his clients and students, “I change how I see, not what I see.” As a life coach, you will be continually encouraging people to live, expand, and explore where they presently are.

Reason #7:Are you ready to step out of the role of expert and into the role of co-creator?

As you move into the role of a life coach you begin to see the vital importance of designing a co-creative relationship with your clients. In this relationship you establish a sense of sincere concern for your clients’ well-being and future. You foster a relationship built on trust and intimacy with the client. Your focus shifts from problems to possibilities. As the coach you allow the session to be ‘difficult’ at times in order for the clients to discover new possibilities. You have a genuine desire to ‘grow’ people and aren’t afraid to admit when you don’t know the answer. As a life coach you are there to assist your client in discovering his/her own answers.

Reason #8:Are you looking to expand your toolbox to include holistic modalities?

As a trained therapist, or an avid heart interested in growing others’ potentials, are you fascinated with the realms of the esoteric, spiritual, or the metaphysical? Do you have a passion for the chakra system? Have you integrated mindfulness practices into your sessions? Transitioning to the role of life coach offers an endless scope of potential in which to translate these holistic modalities into the sessions with your clients. In the Transpersonal Life Coaching Program through The Wellness Institute, you’ll learn coaching techniques that speak to the energy centers of the body. You’ll also be able to discover what leads to stress, burnout and overwhelm and effective strategies in dealing with this prevalent concern. The Transpersonal Coaching program also highlights successful techniques for quieting the mind.

Reason #9:If you are already involved in a helping profession, or thinking about moving in that direction, how would increasing your resiliency and self-care help you to also increase that of your clients?

Transitioning to being a life coach helps you to learn tools as a coach that will effectively help you to deal with your own resiliency as well as that of your clients. Clients need to be affirmed as they discover victory over what they are moving through in their lives. In The Wellness Institute’s Transpersonal Life Coaching program students are encouraged to help clients to discover their inner strengths that were resources when they were children. In the moments of greatest strife, what got you through? It also becomes imperative to be able to recognize and treat our shock states. As coach Michael Malone reminds his students, “Resilience strengthens our container.”

Michael also encourages his students to follow through on these self-care rituals:

  1. Have a coach and/or therapist that you are currently working with
  2. Be purposeful, be in alignment
  3. De-clutter your life (both externally and internally)
  4. Practice extreme self-care
  5. Attend to your physical well being
  6. Get support - become a part of a community
  7. Strengthen your boundaries (accountability helps to move you forward)

Reason 10:Because you just can’t imagine yourself doing anything else!

Becoming a life coach is one of the most rewarding roles that one could step into. If you have the courage and willingness to move in this direction, your life will be forever changed. You will be helping your clients to move through their optimal levels of functioning. You will facilitate holding their vision for the future as you work together to develop new strategies for achievement. You will be changing lives and your life will be profoundly changed as well.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Coach, please feel free to reach out to The Wellness Institute and connect with one of our Wellness coordinators to inquire how you can become a Transpersonal Life Coach! We look forward to connecting with you. As Gandhi reminds us, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” How will becoming a life coach represent this change for you? If you’re ready to write your chapter on becoming a life coach, then give us a call.

Here is a full listing of our certified Transpersonal Life Coaches