Whether your career feels like it’s in a rut or you wish you could treat patients more fully, a hypnotherapy course at the Wellness Institute can help. How do we know? We’ve graduated thousands of students in over 20 countries. We offer training in hypnotherapy and advanced degrees in transpersonal psychology.

Our students say courses have transformed their patients’ lives as well as their own. Not sure you’re ready to join us? Here are the top 10 hypnotherapy training benefits.

1. Start or grow your private practice.

After hypnotherapy training, Melissa Ratcliff, LCSW grew her practice from one room, one therapist to a 4,000 square foot group practice with five clinicians. Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective though underutilized. You too can quickly become an expert in your area, and reading our private practice marketing web guide will help you become an expert at marketing for therapists.

2. Gain access to the subconscious.

With hypnotherapy training, you will learn to access the subconscious mind. That means that you can take clients to the source of their issues. Along the way, you’ll promote relaxation, comfort, and healing.

3. Treat people on a deeper level.

Have you ever wished you could get right to the root of a patient’s issue? Rather than talking to patients hour after hour, access issues on a deeper subconscious level. Counselor James Musgrave, LPC, says that hypnotherapy training gave him “a tool to really get to the root of the real issues” in his clients’ lives.

4. Transform yourself as well as your clients.

Hypnotherapy training benefits go beyond learning a valuable skill. You’ll also have an opportunity to grow your own self-awareness. Become a better wife, husband, parent, employer, colleague, and friend. Psychologist Michelle Shober, PhD, says that after our training, the “layers of deep pain and shame” that she carried “have been resolved and been replaced with more ease, awareness, inner space and ability to stay present.”

5. Treat all kinds of issues.

From trauma and PTSD to anxiety, addictions, weight issues, depression, and more, hypnotherapy is a proven and effective method to create lasting change. Hypnotherapy benefits have been widely studied in reducing pain. The APA states on their website that “there are “plenty of examples in the scientific literature attesting to the usefulness of clinical hypnosis.”

6. Learn with the best teachers.

At The Wellness Institute, you’ll learn with extraordinarily qualified teachers. All our instructors are licensed mental health professionals with years of experience. Our teachers, like you, are licensed, practicing counselors working throughout the United States.

7. Advance beyond the basics.

Our hypnotherapy training goes way beyond the basics. Many of our graduates choose to continue to strengthen their methodology with advanced training. We offer advanced internships, leadership programs, and other advanced programs.

8. Enroll in a course for licensed professionals.

Our program is specifically designed for licensed therapists. That’s unlike most other hypnotherapy training programs, which have a curriculum for general audiences. We also offer Master’s and PsyD programs for those who want to expand their knowledge base and earn an advanced degree.

9. Join a community.

Our hypnotherapy training programs aren’t just a one and done professional training. We offer continuing education, supervision groups, free resources, and a supportive community of graduates. Counselor Michael Malone, LPC, says one big difference with training here and elsewhere is the “sense of community.”

10. Have fun.

Are you tired of boring professional development that drags on and on? So were we. That’s why we developed our program with hands-on instruction that’s fun too. You’ll learn, laugh, and make lifelong friends!

If you’re ready to change your patients’ lives and transform your own, learn more about our six-day training course.