Get a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Counseling or Doctor of Psychology in Transpersonal Psychology

The Wellness Graduate School’s mission is preparing mental health professionals to realize transpersonal self-actualization and to assist their clients toward the same, designed to encourage deep levels of personal engagement with the self and the academic material creating a vital community of passionate clinicians and scholars dedicated to "transcending self-actualization" (Abraham Maslow) and "Individuation" (Carl Jung).

The Wellness Graduate School is dedicated to providing a rich and dynamic educational experience to those who choose to satisfy their educational and professional goals through our programs. The Wellness Graduate School is committed to cultivating an environment of academic integrity while stimulating intellectual curiosity through a respectful exchange of ideas and consistently experiential learning modalities.

The Wellness Graduate School is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST, and can be reached by phone at (800) 326-4418.

The Wellness Graduate School of Psychology
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Am I a good fit for your graduate programs in Transpersonal Counseling and Psychology?

Our postgraduate degree programs are great for aspiring therapists or practicing therapists who want to help their clients create the best version of themselves and reach their highest potential..

If any of the following describe you, our coaching certification might be perfect for you:

  1. I want to help my clients heal at the deepest level possible, and reach their highest potential
  2. I want to help my clients take the next step in their growth work, help them discover their passions, and unlock their brilliance.
  3. I want to attract more clients by expanding the presenting issues I am qualified to work with, and by adding exciting new modalities.
  4. I want to be one of the therapists leading the "positive psychology" movement.
  5. I am eager to explore the richness of transpersonal counseling.
  6. I want to heal the whole person -- mind, body, spirit.
If any of the above describe you, then you are likely a great fit for our program.

Important Course Info

  • This course offers experiential learning techniques, which will be taught on our campus near Seattle in workshop-style sessions.
  • Other coursework can be completed, providing you with flexibility to complete the coursework when, and where, you want to.
  • Each degree has its own set of prerequisites and conditions, which can be found in our course guide.
  • The graduate school operates on 4 10-week quarters per year.
  • The graduate school does accept transfer credits, up to a maximum of 18 quarter hours.
  • The Wellness Graduate School of Psychology is authorized by the Washington Student Achievement Council and meets the requirements and minimum educational standards established for degree-granting institutions under the Degree-Granting Institutions Act. This authorization is subject to periodic review and authorizes The Wellness Graduate School of Psychology to offer specific degree programs. The Council may be contacted for a list of currently authorized programs. Authorization by the Council does not carry with it an endorsement by the Council of the institution or its programs. Any person desiring information about the requirements of the act or the applicability of those requirements to the institution may contact the Council at P. O. Box 43430, Olympia, WA 98504-3430. The School is not yet accredited. 

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Why should I get a graduate degree in transpersonal counseling or psychology?
Why should I get it at The Wellness Graduate School of Psychology?

Getting a graduate degree in the exciting field of transpersonal psychology will allow you to understand, and treat, your clients whole self -- mind, body, and spirit. Keep reading to learn more benefits.

Why graduate programs?

Why Wellness Graduate School of Psychology?


Become your best self

This experiential learning course will help you combine critical, empathetic, and creative thinking with self-reflection to develop self-knowledge, self-realization, and expansion of consciousness.


Flexible course structure

A blended model of residential and distance learning combines the face-to-face learning opportunities among faculty and fellow students in a residential setting with the flexibility of online distance learning.


Help your clients reach fulfillment

Transpersonal Psychology is the study of human development to its full potential. Humans often reach their full potential during "peak experiences", but those experiences are few and too far between. Help your clients live a life of peak experience.


Chart your own course

Learn what you want to learn. We have a broad range of courses, whether you want to specialize in dynamic group therapy, pre-/perinatal treatment, or treatment methods for abuse, trauma, or addictions.


Treat the Whole Person

With coursework in Mind-Body-Spirit health and healing, buddhist perspectives, and psycho-somatic approaches to therapy, you can become uniquely qualified to heal the mind, body, and spirit of your clients.


Best teachers in the field

All faculty in our graduate school are licensed mental health professionals with years of clinical experience. You know you’re being taught by someone extraordinarily qualified.


Opportunities for advancement

Like many of our graduates, you may find yourself absolutely invigorated by this new methodology. Through our many advanced programs, you can harness that energy and keep going.


Designed to provide a truly unique preparation for clinical practice

This graduate school was developed by the founders of The Wellness institute, and is the culmination of over 30 years of pioneering clinical work at the Institute.


We support you, forever

In a lot of graduate schools, you take your classes and call it a day. Not here. The Wellness Graduate School of Psychology focuses on supporting you throughout your academic process, including connecting you with our community of graduates.


It's user-friendly

We’re not kidding. In our programs, you will receive hands-on instruction in ready-to-use therapeutic modalities. And you will likely make lifelong friends with your classmates.

Why graduate programs?

Why Wellness Graduate School of Psychology?

Admission Prerequisites

Doctoral Degree: Two Options
Regular Standing. The applicant has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, or a bachelor’s degree in other fields with documentation of having completed coursework in Theories of Personality, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Introduction to Statistics, and completion of the Wellness Institute’s Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification course.

Advanced Standing. The applicant has a Master’s degree in a clinical mental health discipline (e.g., Psychology, Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, Counseling); or a Master’s degree in another field if the Admissions Committee accepts it, and completion of the Wellness Institute’s Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification course.

Course Information

Learn more about our degree options, transfer credits and faculty by downloading our complete course guide.

Completion/Graduation Rate:
The School’s first students began attending classes in Spring quarter 2015, and the Master’s degree cohort is nearing completion of the degree; the PsyD degree cohort is approaching the dissertation phase of their program. No students have graduated as of Autumn quarter 2018.

Course Information

Learn more about our degree option credits, transfer credits and faculty by downloading our complete course guide.



Application Deadlines



Autumn 2018 WINTER 2018-
Spring 2019 Summer 2019

Aug. 27, 2018 Dec. 17, 2018 March 18, 2019 June 10, 2019
Registration and
payment of fees
Sept. 3, 2018 Dec. 31, 2018 March 25, 2019 June 17, 2019
Quarter begins

Sept. 10, 2018 Jan. 7, 2019 April 1, 2019 June 24, 2019
Quarter ends

Nov. 16, 2018 March 15, 2019 June 7, 2019 August 30, 2019



What our students are saying about the Wellness Graduate School

Here are comments from some of our students:

This PsyD program has not only helped me gain confidence as an "older" student, but the level of learning and fascinating topics we work on has been motivating and fun! I had been interested for years in going back for a Doctorate Degree but never found just the right program. I am so thankful that this program is exactly what I had been searching for and of course perfect because it was created by my Wellness Institute teachers!

June L. Becker

The Wellness Institute’s master's program has brought me a profound understanding of the relationship all beings have with the divine nature. Studying topics such as codependency, addiction, and relationships in depth and breadth has helped me to develop skills for helping my own clients. It has also enlightened me about my own inner growth process. In the program, academic rigor meets with intellectual and spiritual curiosity to create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and grow within a nurturing and sustaining community of fellow seekers.

Judi Vitale

The graduate school work really enhanced my Wellness Institute training. It provided a deep theoretical understanding of Wellness techniques and why they are so effective. The grad school also extended my Wellness experience – I became more regular with my self-care, spiritual work, and connections. It was like I was at Wellness every week.

Jenny Frank-Doggett


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