People recovering from relationships with narcissists might think they’ve already been hypnotized - by their former partners. Once they realize the need to come out of their trance, or actually achieve separation from the narcissistic individual, there’s a lot of healing that needs to be done. 
Narcissistic abuse occurs when a person who exhibits qualities of that disorder inflicts their self-centeredness, lack of empathy, manipulation, and other acts of neglect and cruelty upon a family member, romantic partner, employee, or friend. Being involved with a narcissist can result in a variety of difficulties, and the longer the exposure to the abusive behavior, the more extensive the damage can be. 
This article from Simply Psychology provides details about the effects narcissistic relationships can have on a person in elegantly simple language. Among the effects the author lists are: 

  • low self-esteem 
  • trust issues
  • people pleasing/codependency
  • self-destructive habits
  • fear of intimacy
  • insecure attachment
  • substance abuse 

Although victims deserve all the support that is possible to offer them, it would be unfair to neglect the need narcissists have for treatment, as well. In many cases, their behavior is born from abuse they may have suffered as children, from narcissistic caretakers and family members. The narcissists that victimize others, sadly, are likely to be victims as well.  

Treating extensive damage with deep healing techniques 

Hypnotherapy offers the victims of narcissistic abuse hope, because it allows them to get beyond superficial conversation about the relationship and the issues. Some victims of narcissistic abuse find it difficult, if not impossible, to extricate themselves from the relationship. Often, the narcissistic partner uses gaslighting and domination through manipulation to such a great degree, the victim’s ego is almost totally broken down. 
The narcissist can literally “program” the victim to believe s/he is hopeless, worthless, no good at anything, unattractive, stupid, and a variety of other things that, if they were true, would make the narcissist look good. The psychic injuries inflicted are also likely to reopen childhood wounds, compounding situations that are, on their own, difficult to work with through talk therapy techniques.  
Hypnotherapy lets the client open the channel between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, so that the client can recover from these experiences. Once the client is in a light trance state, the hypnotherapist assists the client in getting to the emotions underneath the “story,” and to express them. As the emotions arise, it becomes easier to connect them with times in the past when similar feelings came up, often as the result of similar relationships and situations. 
The client expresses the emotions, identifies the old ways of thinking that were programmed, either by the narcissistic relationship or an earlier situation, and is encouraged to change them. This is deep, effective healing that can assist clients in recovering from the harmful effects of narcissistic abuse. 

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