Clients who suffer with bipolar disorder have a large burden to carry. The emotional roller coaster that people with bipolar ride is real, and it often doesn’t stop. Even after medication and therapy, bipolar clients still must spend a lot of time managing their symptoms if they expect to  live happy lives. 

The problems of the bipolar life

The editorial team recognizes this, and put together a piece that makes a strong case for hypnotherapy as a powerful tool to help bipolar clients. This article affirms that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can support bipolar clients with problems such as 

  1. mood fluctuations: Both hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help the client manage their emotional ups and downs, and also get to the source of those which disturb them most. 
  2. stress and anxiety: Being bipolar creates chaos in a person’s life, and this is extremely stressful. Relationships, jobs, and financial stability are often on the line, and anxiety levels can rise to threatening levels. 
  3. sleep issues: Sleep is precious. It restores our minds and eases our bodies. Bipolar people often suffer from sleep disruptions. 

The article cites several studies supporting the premise that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help bipolar clients manage these three debilitating problems. It also offers guidance about the overall treatment plan, stating that the right therapist would work in tandem with an appropriate medical professional, and if needed, an additional mental health professional. 
This article and the supporting studies cited within it illustrate the key role hypnosis and hypnotherapy can play in treating bipolar disorder. It also describes how these modalities can be integrated into regular therapy sessions, in cases where the hypnotherapist is qualified to treat bipolar clients. 

What makes good hypnotherapists

The Neurolaunch team also state that, when a client is seeking a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, that professional should possess the following qualifications: 

  1. certification: When a hypnotherapist is certified, the client seeking help can be assured that the therapist has had the proper training and adheres to ethical guidelines. 
  2. mental health background: The therapist should be familiar with bipolar disorder, and capable of being sympathetic to the client’s symptoms. 
  3. willingness to collaborate: Good hypnotherapists are trained to reach out to other professionals who may be able to provide the full support needed to a client. While many are capable of handling bipolar patients, it might be advisable for others to work with a specialist who is aware of the nuances of this issue. 

Certification is extremely important, and not only because it helps you to attract quality clients. Certification also ensures you that you have the training and experience needed to address these and other serious issues clients will bring to your practice. 

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