More and more patients and clients ask about past life regression these days. It has been reported that since 2017, the number of patients looking for past life regression therapy has almost tripled. What is past life regression therapy, and why is this technique so popular? 
While detractors claim that past life regression therapy is unscientific and possibly unethical, the effects upon those who have been through it have been quite positive. Dr. Raymond Moody, who popularized the idea of life beyond our physical existence in his breakthrough opus, Life after Life, expounds on past life regression therapy in his 2011 book Coming Back, a Psychiatrist Explores Past Life Journeys. Moody was a confirmed skeptic until he personally saw striking evidence of the value of looking at the eternal nature of the human condition. 
A therapist working with past life regression may or may not believe that we experience more than one lifetime, but that isn’t important. What does matter is that clients who believe they have lived before can achieve deep healing by going through past life regression, and as a therapist, you need to learn more about it and how to lead your clients through past life regression sessions. 

Past Life Regression is Real 

Moody witnessed uncanny connections between his client’s issues and their experiences in past life regressions. Relationship difficulties, anxiety, and even psychosomatic illnesses became easier to understand and resolve as a result of examining patterns through past life regression. What’s more, the success of past life regression is quantifiable. 
On page 51 of the book Coming Back, Moody cites a research study by psychotherapist Helen Wambach, which considered 18,463 patients of 26 past life regression therapists. The survey revealed that, of the 24 of these therapists who worked with physical ailments, more than two-thirds of them reported that 63 percent of their patients were able to alleviate at least one physical symptom. 
Moody, obviously, is convinced that past life regression therapy yields provable results, but he certainly is not alone. A growing wave of therapy clients is rapidly washing over practices that offer past life therapy, as its popularity expands.  


The 2018 movie Soul Sessions is just one example of how hypnotherapy and past life explorations have been presented through mainstream entertainment. In the film, a man working with a hypnotherapist regresses to his past lives, and gets answers to the questions he has about a love he has lost in ways that would only be possible through past life regression therapy. 

Past life regression and hypnotherapy 

How is past life regression achieved? At this point in time, there are many legitimate therapists conducting these sessions for clients. Most unfortunately, there are probably even more under- or unqualified individuals operating as past life therapists, only pretending to know what they’re doing. They may get people to regress into past lives, but the sessions are not always conducted with the clinical rigor and professional ethics that would best serve the client population. This can be quite damaging to the clients as well as to the reputation of past life regression therapy. 
Past life regression, when done in a clinical setting, is actually an outgrowth of hypnotherapy. The process of age regression, whereby a client in a light trance state revisits earlier times in the current life, often leads the client to experience past lives. The therapist does not always lead the client to past lives, but there are ways that this can be done, if it is therapeutically appropriate. 
Through specific inductions and procedures, a person can be encouraged to make the connection between current issues, ailments, and difficulties and their past lives. Once the client is regressed to a past life, the therapist allows the client to describe what is happening for them as they revisit that lifetime. Just as in any other regression in hypnotherapy, the therapist invites them to express repressed emotions, and to identify old and faulty beliefs and behaviors. Then, the therapist leads the client to the point in time where this life came to an end. 
As release from that lifetime occurs, the client is urged to leave that life behind, along with the old and faulty beliefs and behaviors that developed there and then. If there is some aspect that they’d like to take with them, such as wisdom, bravery, or virtue, that is encouraged. Then, the client can come back into the present lifetime to draw parallels between the problems visited in the past life and current issues and problems. The client will also be prompted to create new beliefs and behaviors that supersede the old and faulty ones. 
Hypnotherapy training is the most clinically sound and ethical path for therapists who would like to use the power of past life regression to help their clients and patients. Fortunately, training and certification in hypnotherapy that includes past life regression instruction is easy to achieve at The Wellness Institute. 

Get Certified in Hypnotherapy, and Learn Past Life Regression 


The Wellness Institute has always integrated the spiritual aspect of hypnotherapy into the clinical training it offers, so past life regression has long been part of the program. You can learn how to do hypnotherapy, including past life regression in less than a week with our Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program. Past life regression is just one of the skills you’ll acquire in this immersive training. You’ll also learn about 

- hypnosis history and techniques, including NLP 
- hypnotherapy and how it differs from hypnosis 
age regression 
- pre- and perinatal influences  
- using hypnotherapy and past life regression to treat various issues, including codependency, addiction, sexual abuse, mind-body connection, eating disorders, relationship addiction, children’s issues, and more. 
After you complete your Six-Day, go deeper into your studies with our advanced training programs. At The Wellness Institute, you’ll grow through your own personal transformation and healing as you develop skills that empower your clients to live better lives. 
Whether you’re a believer in past life therapy or not, the connection between the problems people have in their current life and any experience they might have of a past life is a powerful and effective source of insight. Past life therapy certainly has the potential to bring your clients the healing they need. That’s why you need this training!