Existential angst is such a ubiquitous state of mind in these tense and uncertain times. It seems as though the world has been on edge for the last several years, so it’s no wonder our clients are in a state of hypervigilance. They arrive at the therapist’s office with symptoms varying from unreasonable fears and addictions to medically undiagnosable psychosomatic complaints and severe anxiety.  
What can therapists and counselors do to help clients find ways to manage their lives, at minimum, and become emotionally balanced and thriving, at best? We might exhort them to stop watching the news, find ways of getting a better work-life balance, and suggest they add new elements into their lives. While new jobs, fresh and refreshed relationships, having a child, or even getting a dog or cat can distract people from their internal struggles, these superficial changes rarely resolve the underlying issues. 

What do clients need? 

If you ask typical clients why they come to therapy, most will say they want to get rid of their symptoms. They honestly don’t know what they need. But, if you probe a little further, you might find they are seeking something, even if they can’t articulate exactly what it is. 
Many clients express curiosity about nontraditional topics such as past life regression, inner child work, meditation, drumming circles, and a wide variety of modalities that might answer the question of why they are here, on this planet, at this time. There are some suggestions therapists can offer clients who have these interests, but the tools of conventional talk therapy have a limited ability to fully answer their questions.  
It appears that clients find that no matter how much money they make, how happy they are in relationships and/or with their families, and how many friends they have, there is still something missing. What is it? What do clients want from therapists, and what can we offer them? 
While clients want, obviously, to find relief from their symptoms, what they need is something quite different from the quick fix they might think will work. Clients suffering from this existential angst, the feeling that life has little or no meaning, or that all that they do have could be vaporized in one threatening nuclear explosion, need deep work and permanent solutions.  
Indeed, clients need to achieve higher levels of consciousness, to become acquainted with who they really are, and reconcile their inner dualities. What if, for instance, an individual in a high-powered job really wants to be more involved in community service? Or, your client could be a full time parent who’s ready to move into a more business-oriented way of life. How do these people reconcile the contradictions they sense within themselves? 

Hypnotherapy removes anxiety from the roots 

Hypnotherapy tears down the walls that people build between their “normal,” wide-awake selves and their true identities, as revealed through communication between the conscious awareness and the subconscious/unconscious elements of awareness. The parts of us that remember everything, our souls, or spirits, or true essences, are yearning for that wide-awake part of us to pay attention to what they need.  
This is where hypnotherapy becomes an invaluable tool. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™, as it is taught at The Wellness Institute, sets up this communication so that clients can access unconscious material that answers the big questions underlying their anxiety. Through regression in hypnosis, they may come to understand that the existential fears they’re experiencing now are rooted in events from the past. Perhaps they lived through a terrifying event or family situation, and got a persistent message that they have to be scared if they want to stay alive. 
Until this underlying fear is identified, understood, and addressed, the subconscious mind will hold onto it, and continue to remind the conscious mind that fear and anxiety are necessary, even when there is no immediate threat, or when something minor is triggering that more powerful and damaging sense of being unsafe. Hypnotherapy encourages clients to process the emotions, and learn how to titrate the disturbing feelings so they can live without the magnification of that sense of uneasiness. Once the feelings are dealt with, they have far less of a chance to affect the client’s daily life.  


Hypnotherapy does something magical, something that talk therapy simply cannot do. It addresses that part of the human being that transcends ordinary awareness, acknowledges it, and allows it to express its needs. The communication that is established between the conscious and subconscious/unconscious then helps the client to manage fear and anxiety, rather than let it become an overwhelming and debilitating state of mind. 
Even when it seems like the world is coming to an end, clients can identify child parts of them, or perhaps identities discovered through past life regressions, that experienced terror they were unaware of until now. Hypnotherapy reunites the client with their highest and best self, and provides tools for living in peace and equanimity that they may have never known. By living in this higher state of consciousness, they become free of the past and far more hopeful about the present and the future. 

 Learn hypnotherapy and vanquish existential angst 

You can learn how to take your clients through age regression sessions and help them achieve deep healing by enrolling in the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program at The Wellness Institute. In less than a week, you’ll learn everything you need in order to conduct hypnotherapy sessions and easily complete the requirements for your certification as a Hypnotherapist. 
All classes are live and online, and feature experiential as well as didactic learning. The program covers such topics as 
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy 
Age regression 
Treatment for codependency, addiction, mind-body symptoms, and more 
Past life regression 
Birth issues 
Soul parts retrieval 
You will  get the opportunity to be involved in six real sessions, and act as client, therapist, and observer, two times each. Yes! You will be receiving your own hypnotherapy treatment as part of the program. This is because the founders of The Wellness Institute, Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman, made it their mission to heal the healers. 
Your training doesn’t have to stop after the Six Day Program ends. There are advanced training programs that will deepen your own healing as you sharpen your hypnotherapy skills. Learn how breathwork and psychodrama can be used as therapeutic tools, and develop your ability to form and manage groups of clients, and grow your practice.  
In the event you’d like to get your feet wet before jumping into the Six Day program, you can enroll in our Introduction to Hypnosis Course. This two-day program introduces the principles of hypnosis and trains you how to use hypnosis to help clients change their habits, manage pain, perform to their full capacity, and titrate their undesired ways of thinking. 
Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are cutting edge technologies that address the problems your clients are bringing to you now that the world is such a fretful and confusing place to live. Help your clients, and yourself, with this invaluable training.