In our previous blog we discussed the use of hypnosis during pregnancy and preparation for a healthy delivery. Hypnosis is basically learning to relax into a deep trance state in order to visualize a desired outcome, to give positive suggestions and to relax in order to allow nature to take its course. However, there are also many uses for hypnotherapy during pre-conception, pregnancy, delivery and way beyond. This blog and others to follow will focus on the uses of hypnotherapy for:

  1. Infertility issues
  2. Issues that may arise anywhere in the pregnancy process
  3. Issues that may arise post pregnancy.

Hypnotherapy first requires the client to be in the trance state we refer to as hypnosis. Then, the powerful therapy done within that trance state of hypnosis is referred to as hypnotherapy. And then Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy is what we do at The Wellness Institute which involves deep healing and a spiritual component according to the wishes of our client.

Hypnotherapy with Infertility Issues

There are certainly many conditions which can prevent a couple from getting pregnant. Most couples will go to a doctor or special clinic, perhaps get tested, and then may or may not be given a physical explanation as to why fertility is blocked. Regardless of the physical explanations, often there are emotional reasons why the pregnancy is not happening. And these issues, just as in the physical conditions, can be on the part of the man or the woman. And this is where Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy comes in.

An example of this is a young couple that came to us for help in this area. They had spent thousands of dollars of their savings going to fertility clinics, and having to go through many procedures that actually took all the fun and spontaneity out of their love making. The woman was instructed to take her temperature everyday and when the indication was that she was fertile, the couple must have sexual intercourse that night. Their hope and excitement that perhaps this time it would take, built throughout the month. Then one day the woman would find blood and realize that her monthly cycle had come and that she was indeed not pregnant again! Then the depression, disappointment and self blame would emerge. Month after month, thousands of dollars upon thousands of dollars and disappointment upon disappointment weighed on this couple until they could do it no more.

Their relationship was in a shambles, they each blamed themselves and each other and were ready for a divorce! Their last hope was to try Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy. We worked with each of them separately to get down to the source of what was happening. The woman told of the process at the fertility clinic that seemed to really distress her. She said it was when her husband was given a Playboy magazine and an empty cup and instructed to ejaculate into the cup in the bathroom.

The hypnotherapist hypnotized the woman and then in the trance state asked the woman to regress back to the time when she had the strongest reaction regarding this procedure. She went to the very first time at the clinic where she realized that when her husband was told to do that, she went into a shock state** and felt numb, angry, and deep fear. We asked where in her body she felt that and she indicated in her female parts. We then regressed her back to the first time she had this same experience.

Suddenly she was a small little girl and was shaking with fear. We asked her where she was and she described the bathroom in her first house. She was on the floor watching her older brother masturbate as he made her look at a magazine with nude women in it. He then forced his penis into her mouth and she went into shock! When it was over, he told her never to tell anyone because she would get blamed and be in trouble.

The therapy portion of the session involved treating her shock (see book Overcoming Shock, Zimberoff and Hartman) so that she could eventually admit to her adult self that this had indeed happened to her.

She was able to recover her emotions and empower the little girl within to express what she had never been able to before. After several sessions, she was able to release her own shame, fear and self-loathing. Through the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy she realized that when her husband was asked by the fertility clinic staff to produce his sperm so they could be implanted in order for her to become pregnant, her subconscious mind associated this with the childhood abuse by her brother.

Shortly after her hypnotherapy was complete, they became pregnant.