Zoomnosis: What it is and why you need it

Clients everywhere are looking for opportunities to see therapists in virtual sessions. The convenience and flexibility that online services offer make it equally desirable for many therapists. Talking and working over the Internet can be just as effective as sitting down together in person. Nuances in facial expression, and even body language, can actually be more obvious and clear when a client is in an online session.

Most therapists and clients agree that online talk therapy works! But what about the work we do at The Wellness Institute? Can an online platform handle the delicate healing energies of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy?

As you know, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is as powerful as it is gentle and loving. It is highly personalized, deep, and intimate. Until now, you might have believed it would be hard or even impossible to conduct a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy session without being up close and in person with your client. 

Many therapists, students, and teachers at The Wellness Institute have experimented with this over the last several months. We have conducted sessions and even taught Heart-Centered techniques online. Our results show that online hypnotherapy, and even breathwork sessions are every bit as potent as those held in person.

If youve tried and got hung up on the technology, or if you arent sure how you can adapt the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy modality to an online platform, weve got great news for you. Zoomnosis is here!

Zoomnosis is the art of using your Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy skills in online sessions. Kelly Bearer was the first Wellness community member to develop and refine the process, and she has generously shared her success with us. Kelly and others who have used Zoomnosis techniques report that theyre every bit as comfortable working online as they are doing sessions face to face.

Now, you can learn how to use Heart-Centered therapies online too! The Zoomnosis workshop, offered through the Wellness Institute is here. The workshop is designed to get you ready to hold your own online hypno sessions! Theory, experiential exercises, technological insight, and logistical structure will be presented to give you everything youll need to offer your clients deep, meaningful, and profoundly healing sessions.

Well also make you an expert on the techniques youll need to lead online PTIs, Trim Life groups, and more. 

Once you get the hang of the process, youll see what Zoomnosis can do to enhance and expand your practice. Learning Zoomnosis will let you:

  • See clients who are unable or unwilling to work face to face

  • Expand your practice beyond your local area

  • Gather groups for the purpose of healing

  • Supervise new Wellness students as they hone their hypnotherapy skills

  • Connect with other practitioners to compare notes and offer new Zoomnosis techniques

  • Conduct PTIs without the expense of room, board and equipment

  • Alleviate client anxiety by allowing them to go into sessions from the comfort of their homes

  • Train to potentially become a Wellness Institute teacher on Zoom!

When you enroll in The Wellness Institutes Zoomnosis workshop, youll learn:

  • How to equip and prepare clients for their sessions

  • How to manage safety considerations

  • How to operate Zoom so that you are able to use all its capabilities to your advantage

  • How to make minor changes to your sessions to make them more successful online

  • How to share visual material on your screen with clients and students

  • How to share music for induction, healing, meditation and/or breathwork

  • How to use and manage breakout rooms

  • How to manage a group on Zoom

If youre still in doubt about how well hypnotherapy can work online, remember this. We are all beings of light, and the healing energy that passes through us in sessions is also made of light. This kind of energy transmits between the therapist or teacher and the client or student with all the facility, magic, and healing power you have ever experienced before.

Dont wait! Sign up for your Zoomnosis workshop today!