How often do clients, or therapists for that matter, take the time to ask what it is they truly wish for in life? Chances are that you’ll find clients, when they come to you with anxiety, depression, addictions, and anger management issues, need to take that time to examine what they truly want. They’ll often even question why they’re here.  

This issue comes up almost always in talk therapy, but it isn’t always easy to get answers to that poignant question: “What do you really want? People live their lives catering to the expectations of others, often driven by their own ideas of what they think they “should” do, rather than what they know, deep down inside, that they want to do.

Break down the wall with better internal communication

It isn’t easy to get people to change the habit of automatically continuing on a course, just because that’s where they find themselves. The art of graceful change is very difficult to master, but there is a way to accelerate this process, and bring your clients into better alignment with their true hopes, desires, and dreams. 

Hypnotherapy opens the channel that allows clients to communicate unconscious desires to their rational, conscious minds. Once they understand their true nature, why they feel out of alignment with their true desire in their lives, they find it much easier to make the changes they need to live happier lives. 

This is accomplished when the therapist puts the client into a relaxed state, and asks the client to describe a situation that brings up the frustration or discontent they might feel. After getting in touch with a recent incident, the client then can be regressed back to the source of the feelings of pleasing others before doing what they want, or feeling pressure to overachieve, or to become perfectionistic, or addicted to work or some other behavior or substance. 

The therapist then works with the client to process these old emotions, identify old beliefs and behaviors that set up undesirable patterns, and re-affirm positive beliefs and behaviors that are in alignment with their true needs, hopes, and desires. 

Hypnotherapy gives clients the power to transform their lives quickly, and when used in conjunction with other therapies, can accelerate progress toward full mental health and well-being. Clients report “epiphanies” and realizations that unlock their feelings of being shut down and shut out of their own lives. 

The process of hypnotherapy seems to be easy, and to a large degree it is. It is as simple as it is powerful, and with the right training, you will find that your clients will be empowered and self-realized  in a much shorter period of time than you might have imagined to be possible. 

Learn Hypnotherapy and watch the magic happen! 

Learning hypnotherapy is pretty simple, too. When you enroll in the Six Day Training and Certification Program at The Wellness Institute, you can learn the basics of hypnotherapy in less than a week. You will also get to experience being a client, therapist, and observer twice in a total of six sessions during the program. You will be supervised and coached by certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapists, who will make you feel confident and relaxed about the process. 

Many Six Day graduates elect to continue their studies after the Six-Day training is complete. The Wellness Institute offers advanced courses to those who want to continue pursuing their own life process of self-exploration. The Advanced Internship offers the opportunity for increased proficiency in hypnotherapy, as well as ample room for therapists to connect more deeply with their own desires.  

Many students realize their dreams of starting their own practices, or founding a clinic of like-minded professionals. They work with small groups of colleagues within the Internship for inspiration and support. The Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) Leadership program trains and qualifies graduates to lead seminars with current and potential clients, helping them to access the gifts of hypnotherapy in an intensely powerful group experience. 

Our Mentorship Program offers intensive study of Carl Jung’s work, and provides opportunity for students to grow even more fully and deeply. All Wellness Institute Programs are offered online, and in many cases, they are eligible for CEU credits.  

If you want to help your clients—and yourself—get more of what you want from life, learn Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™ at The Wellness Institute. Classes are filling up fast, so reserve your space now.