Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is used worldwide as a powerful therapeutic and energetic healing modality.  

How Does Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy differ from other hypnotherapy methods?

{{cta('10968431-12bc-4ce2-80e8-0a2bc1263097','justifyright')}}Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy approaches therapy from a deeply caring and dynamically healing perspective. Our highly trained therapists and practitioners embrace the concepts of self-determination and the belief that every client contains, deeply within their own subconscious mind, the key to their own individual health and healing. 

Our first task as a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy clinician is learning how to speak the language of the subconscious mind. In talk therapy or counseling sessions we have spent years communicating with the conscious mind of our abused, addicted, depressed and anxious clients. In speaking with the conscious mind of our clients, we can offer them behavioral solutions, insight, empathy and positive affirmations. We can try to help them understand their difficulties, but this method contains limitations and often does not produce long lasting changes in their emotions or behavior. It does not relieve their anxiety or depression and talking certainly is extremely limited in treating and eliminating addictive behavior.

It is mainly through learning how to access this deeply personal guidance held within each human being that Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy excels. The subconscious mind contains 90 percent of the mind and within that 90 percent is the deeply held key that unlocks the client’s individual inner guidance.

In other words, we have learned over the 35 years of developing this professional hypnotherapy method that it is not the therapist, but the subconscious mind of the client which guides the sessions. We have learned to listen to their own subconscious mind, to sense and to feel exactly where the client needs to go in order to address the blockages which have kept them stuck in unhealthy addictive, victim, rescuer and persecutor patterns. Our therapists wait, proceed slowly and allow the client’s subconscious mind to determine where the deepest healing needs to take place. We have learned to proceed slowly and to listen carefully to the revelations of the deeper mind, body and spirit of our clients.

What Issues Is Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Specified For?

Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy has documented and successfully treated a wide variety of presenting problems. In fact, the list of what can be treated with HCH is exhaustive. The most common presenting problems for therapists, mental health and marriage counselors, psychologists, school counselors and marriage and family therapists are anxiety and depression. The next extensive category consists of both substance and behavioral addictions. The third highest category of people searching for therapy are those people seeking help with marriage, family and relationship dysfunction. Interestingly enough, most of these problems actually stem from some form of addiction, the previous category.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy has been extensively and successfully used to treat any and all of these issues for the past thirty-five years by therapists all over the country and in many other countries including South Africa, Taiwan, Kuwait, Turkey, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, and more. We have found that HCH is extremely universal and the healing is just as profound in many other languages and cultures as it is English. The reason that this method has become so universal is that all Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy sessions begin with unconditional love within the heart-center of the administering therapist and then it reaches into the heart, mind and soul of the suffering or addicted client. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, through the professional who implements it, touches the deepest humanity, the heart and soul of each client to bring profound healing in each and every session. Thus, the overall length of treatment is shortened and the healing is profound and noticeable.