What is intuition? Some call it an “inner knowing,” while others believe it’s mere coincidence. One widely accepted definition, according to Lynne Shallcross writing for Counseling Today, defines intuition as “something that is known or understood without proof or evidence.” Any mental health professional you talk to will have to admit to tapping on this mysterious force at one time or another. 
Let’s say your client is at a loss for words, or is struggling to get in touch with a deeply rooted emotion. You may hear a voice or just allow a thought to rise up that tells you exactly what to say. It’s not that you “think” this idea into being. It simply arises from you, as if by magic.  
Is intuition magic, or is it simply the result of years of experience? One could postulate that the accumulation of knowledge we accrue after years of practice gives us the ability to sense exactly what is needed, but there is more to it than that. 
After all, each soul that we encounter in the treatment space is unique. While there are similarities, the combinations and permutations of personality traits, past traumas, and client experiences are so numerous, there is no “one size fits all” way to direct any one of them toward healing. 
Rather, we can tune into an inner sense of knowing that allows us to be absolutely certain that we are on the same wavelength with our clients, and that we can assist them in taking their next steps toward health and happiness. This unseen force might seem to appear at random, but it is possible to learn how to cultivate and call upon it whenever it is needed. This is not easily done on one’s own, but with the right teachers, you can learn to let intuition flow naturally and fully. The Wellness Institute’s new offering, a weekend workshop, will set you on this path. 

Learn how to integrate intuition into your clinical practice

David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff, the founders of The Wellness Institute, define intuition as “intellect without fear.” For decades, these amazing therapists and teachers have been using intuition as an integral part of their clinical practice, in hypnotherapy and Jungian work as well as coaching and training. They are offering the first of several weekend workshops, entitled “Integrating Your Power of Intuition into Your Clinical Practice”, live via Zoom, this June.  
During this 10-hour journey, David and Diane will teach you how to recognize the voice of your intuition, and how to differentiate it from fear-ridden thoughts. You will learn how to act with confidence and certainty, knowing that a new, centered perspective awards you the ability to take the right action in the right moment.  
Whether you’re a long-time Wellness Institute family member, or a new Six-Day graduate, learning from David and Diane will grant you the kind of experience that only The Wellness Institute can provide. Don’t miss this opportunity to study with the two magnificent souls who have given birth to all The Wellness Institute has to offer. 
Transformation is a lifelong process, and this weekend offering is sure to contribute to your ultimate growth into the most powerful and intuitive therapist you can be.