The shadow knows! Unlock hidden parts of the personality, and stop letting them undermine you and your clients!

Clients often speak about their darker sides,” the parts of their personality that might motivate them to ignore their best interests, and act out in ways that fail to serve them. Carl Jung is famous for among many other ingenious shadow work discoveries.

While it is possible to get clients to identify, work with, and transform their shadows, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy offers the fast track to ways of unlocking the psyche. We learn to by revealing lost parts of the self so those parts can be healed and integrated. By giving clients a direct line of communication between the unconscious and conscious parts of the mind, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy facilitates the process of working with shadows.

How do shadows affect clients?

Diane Zimberoff, founder of The Wellness Institute, describes shadows as blind spots” in the rear-view mirror of our consciousness. At any moment, these parts of us, which may be adaptive three-year olds or rebellious teens, will provoke people into engaging in behavior that seems to be totally out of alignment with their normal way of being.

This behavior might take the form of anything from unexpressed anger, including defensiveness, and all kinds of other soothing and numbing devices. This may be due to many things including excessive fantasizing to compulsive behaviors. It is as though this part of a persons personality, which got split off” due to early trauma is driving the client to do things that make very little sense, even to them.

How does this happen? When a child experiences trauma, s/he goes into a state of psychological shock. The impression of the traumatic experience freezes” in parts of the brain that are incapable of placing a time stamp” on the event. Hence, the lost part” of the person who experienced the trauma never grows more mature, and drives the client to soothe the pain of the trauma at almost any cost.

What is needed is a time stamp” for the memory of that event, a way of bringing the memory into the rational mind so that it can be put into context. Once this is accomplished, the client can reframe old conclusions, and implant new ones that affirm the clients sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy builds the bridge that helps the mind to heal

With Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, you can help clients revisit those moments of trauma, let them become acquainted with those shadow parts, and help them to process the traumatic events and transform the shadow parts so they can make a healthy contribution to the individuals entire psyche. How is this possible?

In a light trance state, the communication between the parts of the brain that hold emotion and memory can be in communication with one another again. The client is able to regress back to moments when these shadow parts may have been frozen in time. They are then invited to express the emotions that had been held down or ignored at that point, and allow them to be processed.

Wellness Institute co-founder David Hartman tells us that by going back to the source of the trauma, we create a corrective experience. The traumatic memory can be transferred from the amygdala, where the alarm bell” of the trauma is sounding, to the hippocampus, so it can be placed into context and given that time stamp. Finally, the memory can be sent to be processed by the frontal cortex. 

As a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, you are trained to supply clients with this kind of transformative experience. You provide a safe space, where the entire nervous system is allowed to process old hurts and heal old wounds. You help your clients to become whole again. 

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