Why you should try hynotherapy in 2016

Have you been wondering how to become a hypnotherapist, but not sure if it's worth your precious time? If you’re like me, you’re a therapist who is always looking for ways to increase your effectiveness with clients. But how do you know what is truly effective? And more importantly, how do you decide what training to invest in?

I’ve had difficulty answering that question myself. Over the years, I’ve worked with many clients struggling with a wide range of disorders, from the chronically mentally ill, to the acutely suicidal, to the ‘worried well.’ As I’ve grown and adapted my therapeutic style to the needs of my client population, I’ve attended multiple seminars on a variety of techniques. Some have resonated deeply with me, becoming an integral part of my professional toolbox. Others were useful only as a CE certificate in a file. 

As I have grown and changed, so have my clients. I’m continually enchanted and curious about who shows up in my office, with what issues, and at what time. Over the past few years, one theme has become incredibly clear…quite loud, even: clients want something deeper. They want to do the real work.

Of course, ask ten different clients what real work means, and you’ll get ten different answers. But the cord of connection that weaves through them all is a desire to heal, to affect real change in their lives. They want to transform.

And that is the #1 reason you should try it: Hypnotherapy is about transformation.

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Clients come to therapy with issues, complaints, symptoms and problems that could fill volumes. Each person brings their own unique constellation of family history, life experiences, relationships, gains and losses, traumas and triumphs. But despite all of their uniqueness, I have found that just about all of them are craving that profound, life-changing transformation. They want to go deep.

Traditional talk therapy does not typically allow for this type of depth. But in a hypnotherapy session, anything is possible. 

That doesn’t mean every client is ready to do this work. I have clients that will probably never do hypnotherapy, with me or anyone else. They’re too scared, too anxious, too acutely traumatized, or too cynical. They can’t relinquish the idea of control. Or, they’re worried about what will come up. That’s okay. It is part of the journey. We cannot all be transforming, all the time.

But for those that are ready? A hypnotherapy session is a blank canvas, one that comes with an arsenal of brushes and every paint color you can imagine. With a skilled and creative hypnotherapist, clients can dive into the realm of the subconscious (and beyond) and achieve any manner of healing. Identities shift, old beliefs disappear, symptoms resolve, and clients are amazed by the changes they feel.

See what hypnotherapy can do for your clients. See what it can do for you. Start that journey of transformation today.

And if you are a therapist that thinks hypnotherapy just might work for your clients, then do what I did: get training and certification in hypnotherapy from the best program around.