Clients and patients often come to us complaining of the stress they feel due to life changes. Marriage, divorce, birth, death, job changes, and retirement are just a few. Who among us has never met a client struggling with these and other issues? There is no question that most people are happiest if they believe that their lives will remain predictable, and change certainly puts predictability into question.

During times of change, life isn’t always easy. As therapists, we have to find ways to shepherd our clients through change. There are times, also when we as therapists face big changes, and can use some extra support. Here, according to Good Therapy, are some suggestions for coping with change:

  • Research the change. Conquer the fear of the unknown with knowledge and information from a trusted source.
  • Tend to your own mental and physical health. Placing the priority on self-care provides the advantage of a well-balanced mind.
  • Stay calm by taking time for relaxation. enjoying ourselves, or merely going within to acknowledge the connection with the source of our wisdom allows us to accept change as part of life.
  • Discuss your feelings about change. Rather than bottling up your fears and opinions, sharing them with someone you can trust can make it all feel far less threatening.

All these suggestions are helpful, of course, but with Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, we can allow our clients to go deeper and discover the source of our fears about change.

Confront the source of fear and become courageous

In hypnotherapy, we go to the most recent time that something, a fear of change in this case, arose in our lives. Then, we identify the feelings that come up when we look at ourselves in the situation. Once the emotion is identified, we express it fully, and after that…we regress back to an earlier point in time, maybe a time when change made us feel uneasy, fearful, sad, or even angry.

The process of going back in time allows us, then, to discover the old messages we gave to ourselves. “I am powerless” or “I’m not important” are some of the things we might have believed at earlier times in life, when change came along whether we wanted it or not. Then, we might have decided to avoid cooperating with change, go off on our own, or lash out at the people who were asking us to accept change.

Identifying these beliefs about ourselves and decisions about our behavior allows us to correct the unconscious patterns that we developed at the time. New conclusions such as “I do matter” and “I have my own power” support decisions to ask for information, take care of ourselves, stay calm, and discuss our feelings about change.

Change comes to The Wellness Institute

A few weeks ago, our founders, Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman, successfully sold The Wellness Institute to Triad, a company that specializes in providing quality education programs to mental health professionals. This arrangement has been a true blessing for Diane and David, who are well aware that the time in their lives has come to find a way to keep their legacy alive.

Triad intends to keep Wellness much the same as it has been for these past 35 years, operating under the banner of The Wellness Institute. All programs, from the Six-Day and the Advanced Internship to PTI Leadership Training, the Mentorship Program and The Transpersonal Coaching Certification Program, will continue to be offered by Wellness.

Teachers trained by Wellness will continue to act as facilitators, and the curriculum will remain the same. The office staff that has served Wellness for all these years – Des and Chris – will continue to be here to help you enroll for classes, arrange for CEU credit, and continue to oversee all the operations of The Wellness Institute.

David and Diane had more than one offer to sell their business, but they chose Triad because they are convinced that the people who are behind this company admire the work of The Wellness Institute and respect the way that it has always been done. Triad will offer marketing and administrative support, while freeing Diane and David to continue to teach classes and develop new ones.

This change is a big one, but it is also a good one. Wellness has a path that allows Heart-Centered Therapies to continue to be taught and put into practice. With this new alignment with Triad, the Wellness community will also continue to thrive.

Change can be frightening, but when you know the truth of what the future might hold, it becomes possible to see it as a very good thing. Now that The Wellness Institute is a Triad partner, we can be assured that the amazing legacy Diane and David have created has a place it can call home for a very long time to come.

Wellness Classes are filling fast!

If you’re already a member of the Wellness community, maybe it’s time to come back for additional training! There are Advanced Internships, PTI Leadership trainings, and Mentorship Program groups on the calendar for this year, and enrollment has been vibrant. With marketing help from Triad, registrations are certain to be on the rise.

If you’re interested in our Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification program, or if you know someone who would be, you’re in luck. There are classes running all year long. Our online format allows students to skip the cost and inconvenience of travel, while receiving the full benefit of Wellness training. And yes, you really can get certified in hypnotherapy with this program, which takes only six days!

There’s no reason to wait - or to be afraid of change - anymore.

Conquer your Fear of Change and

Enroll in your Wellness training today!