How do I discover what my purpose in life is?

I recently taught a new Six Day Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy class in Los Angeles. Even at my age of seventy-four, after doing these trainings for over forty years, all during the class I experienced a deep sense of fulfillment and gratitude.

There were 26 students of all different ethnic backgrounds, ages and professional skill level. They were from seven different states from Rhode Island to California and from Washington to Florida. A more diverse group of people would hardly be imaginable.

We begin all our groups with sharing our professional information and reasons for attending. As the first day continues, we do several exercises which require closer with each other and differing amounts pf personal contact as the students feel more comfortable with themselves and each other.

On the second day, we open with a Heart-Centered meditation which culminates with the opening of the chakras and the heart-center. Each day builds upon the next in several different ways.

The first way is the professional skill building as we present the easiest skills first which build the confidence of the participants. Then we are also building trust and safety each day so that each participant feels safer with themselves and with the new folks they are meeting. This allows each person to increase their personal sharing which results in immediate and increasing levels of bonding. This is essential in the class we are teaching since on the third day, each student will become the therapist for one and another in order to practice these new skills.

These sessions are intense and the profound healing takes place on the conscious as well as the sub-conscious levels.

On the third morning we gather in our meditation circle and can visually see the changes in each person. Their eyes are softer, their smiles are brighter and their masks are beginning to disappear.

The sharing about their sessions is on a much deeper level and reveals more of the true essence of who they are. The professional students speak about how safe they feel and that they have never felt this level of personal safety in a new group in such a short amount of time.

On the third afternoon, we do very profound hypnotherapy work in groups of three. This is where the deep rapport is established. After the sessions we can see the bonding taking place.

By the fourth morning, the sharing is even more profound. I begin to once again, embrace the concept of the wounded healers. Most of these therapists came to the training with their professional masks on, all their book learning and degrees as their façade. As they do their work, and feel safer with each other, these facades fade away. Now that doesn’t mean we have a bunch of sad sacks in the class. Quite the contrary, now we have more genuine open souls who have learned to feel safe in an entire group of like minded healers.

New friendships are formed, hearts are opened up and superficial defenses are dropped. The students are in amazement about how they could do such deep healing work and make so many new friends in such a short amount of time. They hang out together, go out for dinner laughing and sharing as they have not done before.

As one of the teachers and developers of the Heart-Centered hypnotherapy training, I feel a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. Tears come to my eyes often as the students profess their amazement and deep gratitude for all the healing gifts they are receiving.

I remember and am always reminded of my husband David Hartman’s and mine very clear life’s purpose that came to us in the beginning of our relationship. It is “To heal the healers, teach the teachers, and significantly contribute to the light on this planet."

Over the past forty years, this life’s purpose has been the foundation of everything we have built, every class we have taught and every dream we have manifested. We have been greatly gifted with beautiful children, a magnificent healing sanctuary (the Wellness Institute) in The Cascade Mountains of Washington

And a strong entourage of professionals who feel honored to teach this profoundly healing work.

I love to share this gift with new students (all professionals) and to help open their hearts and souls to personal transformation. A significant aspect of this work is teaching people about abundance and how to manifest their dreams. Most people don’t even know what their purpose in life is, have never thought about their life’s purpose or even asked themselves if they are satisfied and are contributing to that purpose.

To me that would become a very unfulfilling life especially when coming to the end of it. One might say, what was that all about? As one student put it, “Or as one student put it, “Is that all there is?” The sooner in life we can discover what our most fulfilling vocation is, the sooner we can live a purpose driven life.