Often therapists may have the experience of being forced to cancel their clients. Perhaps they experience a family tragedy, a personal illness or other stressful situation. For days, weeks or even months, we may need to cancel client hours. Private practice does not provide sick leave!

Had you been in private practice, that would have been devastating to your work schedule and livelihood due to being out of work for weeks.

Of course, for decades we as practitioners have been primarily bound to an hours-for-dollars payment model, charging clients either by the amount of time we spend with them or by the procedures we perform. In both cases, it’s all about the time we’re required to put in.

There are a lot of problems inherent in this, but one of the most frustrating is that the only way to increase our income is to see more clients . . . and that means working longer hours and more days, trading hours for dollars. It’s important for us to consider the cost to us in diminished stamina and effectiveness, because the harder you work, the more burned out you are likely to get.

But there are other ways you can reach more people, increase your healing abilities and client satisfaction by learning to work smarter rather than harder!

With some simple strategies, not only could you make an impact on people around the world, but you would be a lot less tied to your weekly schedule – seeing client after client, and even trying to add more clients to an already taxing schedule.

What if you could see more clients, make more money, and work the same hours?

Many of the students who come to the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® training are working in a private practice. Often their opening complaint at the beginning of the training is they are not making enough money. Once they begin using hypnotherapy they find that word spreads rapidly; their clients refer nearly everyone they know because they see results so quickly. Then their complaint, once they move into our next level of training, the Internship, is that now they don’t have enough time because they have so many clients who want hypnotherapy. An ironic turn around!


There are several ways to increase your income using Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy without necessarily increasing your hours. The first way is to work with groups of people who have similar issues. We offer the Trim-Life® Weight Release program which is done in a group.  

Once you announce that you are taking hypnotherapy training, many people will be knocking at your door for you to help them release weight. You can put them in the Trim-Life® program serving ten to twenty people in 2-3 hours rather than only 2-3 people in that amount of time. With the group program you can charge $500 per person and thus with only ten members of your class, you will make $5,000 for 12 hours work (total number of hours in the Trim-Life® program). That is approximately $400 per hour rather than what most therapists make per hour. Obviously that greatly increases with each additional person you have in your class. For example, if you offer ten Trim-Life® classes per year, you will increase your income by $50,000 per year. Sadly, that is more than some therapists working at an agency make for the whole year.

Now, the other good news/bad news is that many of these folks will continue to want more and often  request to begin individual hypnotherapy sessions with you. So by offering the Trim-Life® program, you not only provide a most needed healing experience for hundreds of folks, you also reduce  your dependence on the hours-for-dollars model.

Now what will I do with all these Trim-Life® people who continue to want more group experience? When people join any of our Heart-Centered groups, people love the friendships they make and the feeling of healthy community that develops. Many of the people who attend your weight release classes are very lonely in their lives, and this can even be the emotional reason they eat when not really hungry for food.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training

Another way to work smarter rather than harder is that once you begin our second level of training, The Internship, you are building a foundation for doing this Heart Centered work in groups.This advanced internship in hypnotherapy education far exceeds the old models of group therapy by teaching you how to belong to and then develop safe and healing communities. You are receiving all the skills in our Internship program. You then can move to the next level which is PTI Leadership training. Upon completion of this program, you will be licensed to offer and teach our Personal Transformation Intensive® program in your community. Again this is a group therapy which usually consists of 12-15 participants. They each pay $2500 for the five weekend program, which means you and your therapist partner will make $30,00 – $37,500 for each complete 5 session group. This means if you offer 2 PTIs per year with a partner, you can increase your income by at least $30,00.

This will allow you to take time off whenever you need to.

I recently called one of our very advanced hypnotherapists and on her voice message I was surprised to hear, “If you are a new referral, I do not have room in my practice and am not taking any new clients.” And  then the usual advice to call 911 for emergencies! I visualized all the disappointed people who wanted hypnotherapy with nowhere to turn. She could have referred them to another Heart Centered practitioner in her area.

Another way to work fewer hours and increase your income is to hire other Heart Centered trained therapists to work for you in your office complex. By offering them space and some possible referrals, you can take time off and have other similarly trained therapists working for you. Your clients will now receive the healing they need, your colleague can start his or her practice, and you can take a vacation day or week!

We have lots of other ideas. But the main idea is to work smarter rather than harder by retiring the hours-for-dollars payment model.