Any psychology text will tell you. Success in life, and even the most basic ability to cope, is dependent on the development of a healthy ego. Most clients come to us with some damage to their basic sense of self. Others come in with mere fragments of self-identity and very little confidence. 
Clients aren’t the only ones suffering from lack of confidence. Therapists often struggle with “impostor syndrome,” the feeling that despite all the responsibilities that are given to you, you’re only pretending to be able to take on the issues of others, and help them put their lives back together. 
Susan Albers, PsyD, writing for The Cleveland Clinic, defines impostor syndrome as “the feeling that everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing, but you feel lost.” This is as common for your clients as it may be for you. It is rooted in self-doubt and lack of confidence. How can these self-sabotaging forces be vanquished? 

Hypnotherapy: Reframe the Untrue and Create New Ways of Being 

The belief that a person is less than adequate is rooted deep in the subconscious. This means messages received in past, possibly in traumatic circumstances are informing the present. A schoolteacher, parent, clergy member, friend, or relative could have passed on a message such as “you’re stupid.” Or maybe when you finished grad school, or got your license to practice, someone said, “Who would ever listen to you? 
Hurtful comments cause great harm at any age. We can try to “get over it,” or “forget it,” and turn the negative voice into a whisper, but that doesn’t always work. When you’re helping a difficult case, or your client is asked to take on a daunting work project, that voice can suddenly become very loud and intrusive. 
How, then, can these messages be quelled, and an effective framework for a healthy ego be constructed? We need to set up communication between the subconscious and conscious parts of the mind, so that we can correct messages from the past that are creating problems in the present. 
Through age regression, hypnotherapy gets to the source of self-sabotaging ideas. This is accomplished through getting the hypnotherapy client, while in a light trance, in touch with the emotions that arise during a bout with impostor syndrome, or any other instance where low self-esteem is present.  
The client expresses these emotions, and gets to say things that might have been suppressed before. After this corrective experience, the client is invited to get in touch with the emotion again, and go back to the past. Memories arise of other instances where the person may have been told they were not competent, and messages they gave themselves emerge.  
People believe messages and impressions about themselves from the past. They replay them over and over, and before they know it, their egos are fractured, and even destroyed. Once these old ideas are retrieved, the hypnotherapist then reframes them.  
The message “I’m stupid” becomes “I’m extremely intelligent.” The chosen behavior of, for example, feeling “less than” and not chasing after realistic goals can be changed to “I put in the work it takes to achieve success.” Hypnotherapy, particularly Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® taught exclusively by The Wellness Institute, is an extremely powerful way to help your clients—and you—to build healthy egos and function at your best in every area of life.  

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