intimacyINTIMACY is being able to drop down into your deepest feelings and feel safe . Intimacy is :
  1. feeling safe to share your deepest feelings and know you won’t be ridiculed or shamed.
  2. knowing what the deepest part of your soul is longing to express and being able to express it with your partner, spouse or friend.
  3. knowing in the deepest part of your Soul that you are loved, adored and treasured.
  4. being able to disagree, even strongly, and trusting that you will be heard – if not immediately, then at least sometime in the very near future.
  5. feeling honored and respected enough to be yourself even if that self is not always sugar and spice and everything nice.
  6. being able to receive the love that is offered even if it doesn’t come in the form you wanted or expected it to be in.
  7. being able to love the other person even if they don’t meet your expectations, speak the way you want to be spoken to, or live up to your expectations of the fantasy relationship you thought you wanted.
  8. having faith and a deep knowing that your souls are supposed to be together for a much deeper purpose than you can see right now.
  9. being able to face the suffering of humanity together and becoming stronger for the journey.
  10. deeply laughing, playing and crying together and passionately loving.
  11. being able to create together: music, poetry, the dance and thoroughly enjoying every moment of the process without regard for the finished product.
  12. trusting our most vulnerable parts to be exposed and expressed, and having faith that we won’t be judged, but knowing that we will be valued even more deeply.
  13. feeling deeply respected and deeply respecting the other.
  14. laughing and crying together, disagreeing and clearing the air to pave the way to go even deeper.

Intimacy is not a commodity that you can purchase or figure out. It is a magnificent lotus flower that divinely grows and then emerges from the depths of our souls.

Intimacy is a fabric that two people weave together when the strands of their lives dance the intricate dance of vulnerability, passion and rejoicing.

Intimacy cannot be achieved; it must be uncovered, recovered and discovered!