hypnotherapy is like knittingKnitted sweaters often consist of repeated patterns throughout. The more intricate the pattern, the more difficult and time consuming it is to do the knitting. It requires a great deal of concentration, co-ordination and determination to complete. We can choose to just purchase a machine-made sweater from a store or we can develop the skills to knit the most beautiful one-of-a-kind sweaters that really suit our own individual needs.

And so our lives are very similar. Many people have difficult situations in their lives such as toxic addictions, inability to make decisions, debilitating procrastination, or hurtful even abusive relationships. They may spend decades of their lives repeating these same patterns over and over until they finally get help. Perhaps they talk to a friend, go to their minister for counseling or to a therapist hoping to find relief. They may gain some understanding and vow to change the patterns that have not really supported a fulfilling life. However, these patterns are so deeply entrenched that just deciding, even committing to change them, does not usually last very long. Just like the patterns in the sweater, they continue to be repeated over and over again.

Unhealthy Patterns

An example is a young woman we’ll call Susie, who can never seem to move forward in her life. She came to her counselor feeling stuck in her life; however, through counseling, she began to see that she has confused love with rescuing. That pattern of putting others' needs before her own seemed to be at the root of much of her unhappiness. After years of repeating this pattern, she was elated about her discovery and committed to changing the pattern. This was not as easy as she thought.

After several more years of trying to leave her loveless relationship, she became very depressed, anxious and again feeling stuck in her life. She finally discovered Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, desperate to change this pattern of putting others’ needs before her own. With hypnotherapy, she was able to go deeper and discover the source of this pattern. Her subconscious mind revealed to her that the source was while she was in her mother’s womb. Her mother was a very needy person who spent much of her life feeling empty and lonely. When she became pregnant with our client Susie, the mother began to feel a blissful joy that she never experienced before. Having a baby inside of her made her feel complete and she wanted to hold on to that feeling. When it was time for the delivery, she did not want this union to vanish and so mother, unconsciously, held on to the baby.

Life Patterns From Birth

Three days after her water broke, baby Susie was still not born. The midwife felt this was dangerous and finally gave the mother an ultimatum: either you have this baby this morning or we will be going to the hospital. Baby Susie was born within hours of this ultimatum. Through hypnotherapy Suzie discovered the source of this pattern of putting others’ needs before her own. In the womb, she began putting her mother’s needs before her own, by staying stuck inside even though she was ready to be born. Even though she felt constricted and even suffocated she did not push forward to be born. This pattern of staying stuck in order to please someone she loved, kept repeating over and over in her life. And just like knitting the sweater, the pattern was set to continue.

I know that for people who have not experienced hypnotherapy, it seems unbelievable that you could return to your birth and that it could have an effect on your life. But after thousands of hypnotherapy sessions and much research, we have determined that most of our lifelong patterns begin very early in our lives. And all this invaluable information is stored in the vault of our subconscious minds. Hypnotherapy is the key to unlocking this valuable wealth of information and to changing these patterns where they began. That’s when the most beautiful new pattern can emerge.