Does Hypnotherapy WorkYou may be wondering, what conditions/issues does hypnotherapy work for and will hypnotherapy prove to be the most effective treatment method available?

The answer to the question, does hypnotherapy work, is largely dependent on:

    1. The professional who is facilitating the hypnotherapy session
    2. The individual who is receiving therapy treatments 

Obviously, there are a wide range of people who advertise as hypnotherapists. It is preferable to choose a hypnotherapist who:

    1. Is a licensed clinician with a Masters degree in Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, or a related professional field
    2. Is certified in hypnotherapy from a well-recognized hypnotherapy training program
    3. Continues to update his/her own hypnotherapy training to keep current with new techniques
    4. Has personally undergone extensive hypnotherapy to understand the client perspective
    5. Makes the client feel comfortable and secure 

In order to answer the question does hypnotherapy work, we must also recognize that there are important requirements for the client as well. The client should:

    1. Have a positive view of hypnotherapy, or at least be open to the idea that it can help them
    2. Be willing to look honestly and deeply at what the root cause of their problem is
    3. Be clear that hypnotherapy, while being a very powerful healing modality,
    • Is not “magic”
    • Is not a parlor game for fun and entertainment 
    • Is not accomplished in one session

The exciting aspect of hypnotherapy is that it has and can be used to treat a wide variety of human illnesses, diseases, addictions, diagnoses and complaints.

It can also be used for motivation and to help people achieve personal growth and success in their lives. In fact, what hypnotherapy can truly work for depends upon the skills of the certified hypnotherapist, their creativity and their willingness to receive the most progressive training in the field. Any client that comes into the office of a skilled hypnotherapist may come in wanting to address one specific aspect of their life, for example weight loss. Upon working with them, however, the hypnotherapist may also learn that this person has a bad temper and would like to become a more positive, loving spouse or parent. After some time other issues may be addressed such as considering a new profession, wanting to increase their income, or time management.

The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it works effectively for all of these issues and more. Once clients realize the power of hypnotherapy as a treatment option as well as a way to improve their life, they begin to refer other friends and family members for sessions. Hypnotherapy benefits the clients as well as the hypnotherapist. There is no limit to what can be treated or improved, and there is no limit as to how many new clients the practicing hypnotherapist will receive just through word of mouth.


One of the most exciting areas that hypnotherapy works for is greatly expanding the individual’s creativity. The creativity center is located in the subconscious mind. For example, some clients who begin hypnotherapy may come into the office stating that they have recently picked up their old ballet shoes and begun dancing again, or are newly invested in their relationships. Many clients bring in amazing poetry that they have written or a beautiful drawing or painting as a result of their hypnotherapy sessions. Once the subconscious mind begins to open, the client has access to a wide variety of gifts and talents that may have been previously unexplored.

This gift of recovering their own creativity also brings in new ideas into their lives. They may now have ideas of ways to expand their business, develop new programs to teach or new marketing ideas.  The resource of the subconscious mind with its deep well of creativity is unlimited and is why hypnotherapy has grown into one of the most powerful healing methods, and effective tools for personal growth and expansion. Its resources are unlimited!