Before you even wonder how to become a hypnotherapist, you probably want to know if it will even benefit you.

In this article we would like to discuss some underlying questions that many aspiring and practicing certified hypnotherapists have come to us with related to the integration of hypnotherapy into their individual careers or practices. Overall, the answers to these questions are intended to give you a sense of how a hypnotherapy certification will potentially benefit you and your career. Read our related article if you're looking for advice on marketing for therapists.

1. How can Hypnotherapy Certification increase my income?

A. If you work for an agency, take a minute to calculate how many hours you work per week and what your salary is per hour. Most Masters level therapists or Social Workers are shocked to find out that the answer to this question is usually $25-$35 per hour!

B. If you have a private practice and "work for the insurance panels" you probably earn around $60 per session. If you now calculate into that hourly wage the amount of time you spend to do insurance paperwork, your salary has now decreased to $35 per hour. You may be surprised to learn that most of our Heart-Centered Hypnotherapists earn  $150-$200 per session. Many of them have gotten off the insurance panels and now only accept private pay clients.

Hypnotherapy will help you grow your private practice, and our web guide will help you learn how to market your private practice.

2. When you were drawn to the helping professions, what experience were you looking for?

Most professionals say that when they went to college, they wanted to help people and through that experience, dreamed of feeling gratified. Therapists are often searching for the experience of personal satisfaction and feeling that they are contributing to the good of mankind in some way. But after many years of dry book learning and tens of thousands of dollars in college loans and internships at inadequately funded agencies, they have begun to feel discouraged about their original hopefulness about being able to make a difference in people's lives.

Through adding a hypnotherapy certification to their practice, most of our therapists are now experiencing the satisfaction of knowing they have the professional skills to truly bring positive change into the lives of their clients/patients that walk into their offices. These therapists report that they now feel fulfilled by being able to bring powerful healing to nearly everyone who seeks help from them.

3. How many clients do you refer out in a year to someone "more qualified" to treat certain presenting issues?

By adding Hypnotherapy Certification to the tools in your toolbox, you never have to refer a client out to someone else. The brilliance of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is that it can be applied to nearly every presenting problem seeking to be healed. Now other therapists in your area will begin referring to you!

This is the exciting and challenging aspect of learning hypnosis. You will learn to explore the deeper subconscious mind which contains 90% of our mental capacity. Getting an advanced degree from a university provides you with the foundation necessary to build your "clinical house."  This theoretical foundation, while necessary to provide structure and stability, certainly requires the rest of the rooms in your “clinical house” to be built in order to provide truly effective treatment for people seeking your healing. 

4. How do I become "the expert" in treating a much wider variety of presenting issues with hypnotherapy?

Expand your competence and confidence to treat more presenting issues effectively. The hypnotherapy certification will help build the treatment rooms in your "clinical house" for:

    • Addictions to substances such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, caffeine and others.
    • Stress, depression and anxiety, which have been treated primarily with medications which merely cover up the underlying cause of these symptoms. "Talking with a counselor" may help the client to understand all the reasons for their disorders, but that only addresses 10% of the client's mind.
    • Behavior addictions such as codependency, sex addiction, gambling addiction, and a wide variety of unhealthy relationship patterns such as always attracting drunks or domestic abusers.
    • Eating disorders, including food addictions, anorexia, and addressing the most prevalent complaint of obesity.
    • Mind, Body, Spirit healing, physical complaints ranging from allergies, headaches, bladder infections, back problems, eye, ear, and throat dysfunctions, cancer, Fibromyalgia and much more. People usually seek a physician's help although studies now show that people are overwhelmingly also seeking alternative solutions. Clinical hypnotherapy is an integral part of holistic and Integrative Medicine. You will learn how the unconscious mind can speak through the body and inform the client about what needs to be treated and what the underlying causes of any physical complaint may be. 
    • Relationship Counseling
    • Children and Family Therapy
    • Sexual Abuse

5. How can I change my personal beliefs that may be holding back my success as a certified hypnotherapist?

Over the past 35 years of training professionals like yourself, we at The Wellness Institute have discovered a surprising fact: the amount of money that most therapists earn is in direct correlation with the effectiveness of what they are offering, but just as surely with their belief about their own worthiness (confidence that they deserve to be compensated well). Would you agree? Ask yourself honestly, if this may be true for you and may be affecting your income?

Do you have the belief that you should help others and really shouldn't be asking for money for providing healing work? Do you have difficulty collecting your fee from clients, or confronting those who are behind in paying you?

During the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification training, you will have the opportunity to look at underlying beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. As you are learning to heal your clients, you will also have the profound opportunity to experience Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy for your own self discovery and personal transformation!