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Breaking Free

Diane Zimberoff's Breaking Free from the Victim Trap offers a clear, step-by-step approach to leading people out of their self-defeating patterns into new liberating freedom.  Now is the time to break free and thrive.

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Self-transcendence and Ego Surrender: A Quiet-enough Ego or an Ever-quieter Ego 

Transpersonal Psychology helps people by escorting them through the layers of their personal work: repairing damage done by early abuse and neglect, becoming accountable for one’s own shadow, meeting and befriending the archetypal inhabitants of one’s unconscious, and developing one’s optimal functioning to fulfill one’s destiny.

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Overcoming Shock

Overcoming Shock explains the physiology of shock and how shock can control our responses to life. It shows how it impacts our lives and how it can be effectively treated.

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From Therapy to Life Mastery: Coaching as a Natural Next Step from Hypnotherapy

The inclusion of hypnosis, NLP techniques, and hypnotic strategies and principles in coaching is not only appropriate but highly effective. Hypnosis: a new dimension in coaching. Check out this book and our Transpersonal Life Coaching Training.

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