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This new millennium has ushered in the Age of Freedom. A time to break out of old, self-defeating patterns and claim our personal power. A time to face the past, heal the wounds, and move into our full potential. We've all known what it's like to be a victim. Now it is time to break free and thrive. This book is for anyone who has experienced the Victim Trap:

  1. people trapped by guilt in compulsive use of alcohol, food, drugs, tobacco, gambling, spending, sex, or codependent relationships.
  2. people burdened by stress-related illness, who have "taken on" the problems of those they are trying to help.
  3. psychologists, doctors, therapists, nurses, those in the helping professions who may be feeding the Victim Trap by "rescuing" those seeking their services.

This book chronicles the rage, the frustration, and most of all the guilt that keeps people in impossible "no win" situations. And it offers a clear, step-by-step approach to leading people out of their self-defeating patterns into new liberating freedom. Diane Zimberoff's Breaking Free from the Victim Trap guides victims attempting to communicate their despair to their therapists, and guides professionals in treating the victim client.

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